14+ Wag-tastic Ways To Celebrate Christmas With Your Vizsla

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The holiday season is all about love, joy, and creating special moments with our loved ones, and that undoubtedly includes our vizslas! Which is why this fun list of ways to celebrate Christmas with your vizsla is essential reading.

From creating new Christmas traditions together to dressing up in festive costumes and enjoying special Christmas dog treats, we share many different ways you can make this Christmas an unforgettable one for both you and your lovable companion!

So, get ready to deck the halls and let the tails wag as we explore some fantastic ways to celebrate a very Vizsla Christmas.

This article is based on research and personal experience as a Vizsla owner. I’m not a qualified dog trainer, Vet or dog behaviourist.

10 Ways To Celebrate Christmas With Your Vizsla

1. Dress Up Together

One of the most classic ways to celebrate Christmas with your dog is to dress them up in a cute Christmas costume!

From a simple Christmas bandana to a cozy Santa sweater or a fun reindeer costume, a Christmas outfit is a fun way to include your dog in the holiday festivities.

See our guide to the best Christmas dog costumes for vizslas here!

Hungarian vizsla dog with santa hat on facing camera.

2. Bake Some Christmas Dog Treats

Just like we enjoy delicious treats during the holiday season, our furry friends deserve yummy goodies like these too.

When you bake treats at home, you can ensure they are filled with safe and healthy ingredients tailored to your dog’s preferences and dietary needs.

It’s a fun activity to do together too, involving your dog in the joy of the season as they intently watch you making and baking them!

So grab some Christmas cookie cutters and make this Christmas dog treats recipe.

3. Get Them Their Very Own Christmas Stocking

Knitted dog stocking

Making or buying a Christmas stocking (or sack) for your dog is essential for Christmas morning!

Just like we get excited about gifts on Christmas morning, our vizslas get excited too!

Imagine your dog’s face when they see their very own stocking or Christmas sack filled with yummy treats and awesome toys.

These personalized knitted stockings are cute or choose your pattern and color on these personalized vizsla stockings.

Christmas dog stockings and presents

4. Shop For New Vizsla Toys and Gear

What better way to celebrate a Vizsla Christmas than with a brand new toy or leash!

Whether it’s a new bed, a super warm coat for snowy walks, or something fun to play with in the yard, a wrapped present is a fun way to include your vizsla dog in the festivities.

5. Find Awesome Presents For Vizsla Lovers

As well as buying your dog a gift for Christmas, don’t forget to buy a present for the vizsla lovers in your life.

Whether it’s a Vizsla-themed mug or apparel, a helpful training book, or a gorgeous vizsla decor item, your thoughtful gesture will bring joy to their hearts.

See our full gift guide for vizsla lovers here to find the perfect gift.

6. Include Your Vizsla In The Holiday Photoshoot

Including your Vizsla in the holiday photoshoot is an absolutely delightful way to celebrate Christmas with your beloved dog.

By capturing precious moments with them in festive photos, you create lasting memories to warm your heart for years to come.

Your Vizsla’s charming and playful personality will no doubt add an extra dose of cuteness (or hilarity) to the pictures, making them paw-fect for holiday cards and sharing with friends.

So, grab those Santa hats and reindeer antlers, and let the Christmas magic shine in your photos with your lovable Vizsla by your side!

Hungarian vizsla sitting on blanket in front of christmas tree.

7. Buy A Vizsla Christmas Ornament

Vizslas are cherished members of the family, and having a vizsla ornament dedicated to them adds a heart-warming touch to the holiday decorations.

It’s a thoughtful reminder of the happy memories and adventures you’ve had together throughout the year and can become a cherished tradition, making appearances on the tree year after year,

It’s a small but meaningful gesture that acknowledges the special place your Vizsla holds in your heart, making Christmas even more special and magical for both of you.

We share some of our favorite Vizsla ornaments in this guide.

8. Make Personalized Vizsla Christmas Cards

Personalized vizsla cards are a fun way to share your Vizsla’s charm with family and friends at Christmas.

Sending these cards spreads joy and holiday cheer, bringing smiles to the faces of your loved ones.

These vizsla christmas cards add a touch of holiday magic that will warm hearts and make this holiday season unforgettable for everyone!

9. Make Or Buy A Dog Advent Calendar

Wufers Dog Advent Calendar

Just like we humans enjoy the excitement of counting down the days to Christmas, our dogs can join in the fun too!

Each day leading up to Christmas, your dog gets to open a special door or treat compartment, revealing a tasty surprise.

Not only does it make your dog feel extra loved and included in the holiday festivities, but it also adds an element of excitement to their daily routine. Watching their tail wag with happiness as they discover their daily treat is so much fun.

You can make advent calendars with your own treats or buy one pre-stocked with treats like this gorgeous one by Wufers.

10. Start A New Christmas Tradition

Starting a new Christmas tradition with your dog is a fantastic way to make the holiday season extra special and memorable for both of you.

Whether your tradition is:

  • Going for a festive walk together to admire the neighborhood decorations
  • Taking ugly sweater family photos
  • Baking dog-friendly Christmas treats
  • Cuddling up by the fireplace for a family movie night

these new traditions become cherished moments that you’ll look forward to every year.

So, why not start a new tradition this year and create beautiful memories with your furry companion that will make Christmas truly special!

11. Train Your Dog To Be Santa’s Little Helper

Training your dog to be Santa’s little helper to distribute gifts is an absolutely paw-some way to celebrate Christmas with your vizsla!

The joy of watching your dog deliver gifts with a wagging tail and a jolly Santa hat is sure to bring smiles and laughter to your family, neighbours and guests.

So, let the training begin and let your four-legged friend shine as Santa’s little helper, making this Christmas the merriest one yet!

12. Take Them For Extra Long Walks

Christmas is a time of joy and togetherness, and what better way to share the festive spirit than with your furry companion by your side?

Spending time with your pup on a long walk allows you both to enjoy the crisp winter air.

Your dog will appreciate the extra time spent with you, and the physical activity will keep them happy and healthy during the indulgent holiday period.

Plus, the walk gives you both an opportunity to take a break from the hustle and bustle, helping you to relax and truly savor the holiday spirit.

So, put on your warmest winter gear, grab the leash, and embark on an adventure with your furry friend.

vizsla sitting in snowy forest.

13. Donate To Your Local Vizsla Rescue

Your pup is lucky to be with you, but unfortunately not all vizslas are so lucky.

Donating to a Vizsla rescue organization is a charitable way to extend the joy and love you experience with your own dog to those who are less fortunate.

Your donation can provide much-needed resources such as food, shelter, and medical care for Vizslas in need. It’s a thoughtful gesture that reflects the spirit of compassion and kindness during the holiday season.

You can find your closest vizsla rescue organization in the US here and in the UK at Vizsla Rescue.

14. Watch A Christmas Movie Together

Everyone knows how much vizslas love to cuddle.

So why not grab some popcorn, find a cozy spot, and let the festive movie marathon begin – making this Christmas one filled with love, laughter, and wonderful moments shared with your dog!

Safety Tips For A Vizsla Christmas

Christmas can be a hectic and busy time and there are a few things to consider to keep your pup safe over the festive season.

1. Keep Them Away From The Christmas Tree

Tinsel, ornaments, Christmas tree lights and pine needles are all hazardous to pups if ingested or chewed.

So do your best to ensure all Christmas decorations are securely placed and out of your dog’s reach and check the tree is on a wide firm base to reduce the chance of it toppling over on your dog.

If needed, you can use a pet fence to keep your dog away from the tree until you can train them not to approach it.

2. Put Edible Gifts Out Of Reach

We all enjoy receiving yummy treats in our Christmas stockings, but many of these treats are dangerous for dogs.

Chocolate, nuts and candy are all a no-no for dogs, so make sure they are kept off the floor and out of your dog’s reach.

3. Don’t Overindulge Your Dog

Be careful not to give your dog too many extra treats over the Christmas period.

Between special treats and extra Christmas dinner offcuts you can easily give them too much.

4. Plan A Quiet Space

Christmas can be overwhelming for pets when there are a lot of visitors in the home.

If you are having Christmas parties or Christmas lunch with family, keep an eye on any children visiting when they are with your dog.

Also make sure your dog can easily retreat to their bed or a separate room for some peace and quiet.

Although if your vizsla is anything like mine, it is more likely they will want to be the centre of attention and you will need to remove them for every one else’s sake!

Before You Go

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How do you like to celebrate the Festive season with your vizsla? Let me know in the comments below!

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