14 Of The Best Christmas Dog Costumes For Vizslas

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Ready to turn up the Christmas festive flair to a whole new level? Picture your pup frolicking around in one of the best Christmas dog costumes for vizslas, stealing the hearts of everyone they meet – from jolly Santas to curious elves!

In this merry guide, I’ve rounded up the best dog Christmas outfits for vizslas. Whether you’re aiming for a classic, charming look or a hilariously creative ensemble, I’ve got you covered with plenty of cute Vizsla Christmas costume ideas.

Your Vizsla is about to become the ultimate Christmas present that keeps on giving – not just to you and your family, but to everyone who crosses their path. So let’s dive into a world of reindeer antlers, cozy Santa sweaters, and adorable dog xmas costumes!

This article is based on research and personal experience as a Vizsla owner. I’m not a qualified dog trainer, Vet or dog behaviourist.

Considerations For A Vizsla Dog Christmas Costume

A quick search for Christmas dog outfits will tell you there are thousands of funny and cute costumes to buy to celebrate the festive season with your pup.

But you will soon discover that many of them are only suited to small dogs and good large dog Christmas costumes are a lot harder to find.

Also complicating things is the vizsla’s deep chest, which makes 1 piece outfits (especially those with hoods) particularly challenging to fit.

So when searching for your vizsla dog Christmas costume, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • The fit – Check and double check the dog clothing size charts for the neck, chest and lbody length measurements against your vizsla’s, as many costumes are too small for vizslas, unless you have a vizsla puppy.
  • The design – Many Christmas pet costumes are designed to look best on small dogs. Think about how the design will look on your vizsla and whether it will fit over their chest.
  • Type of fabric – Many Christmas clothes for dogs are made of cheap, scratchy material. If you want your pup to wear the costume for more than 5 minutes, check what it is made of.
  • Practicalities – Some dog Christmas clothes are not very practical and designed for a photo shoot. If you want your pup to wear it for a few hours, check whether it is practical for walking (and peeing) in.
  • Size – Christmas dog costumes are notorious for being on the small size. Give yourself plenty of time to order, ship and try on before the big day in case you need to exchange.

14 Best Christmas Dog Costumes For Vizslas

From the classic to the cute and hilarious, there are so many dog costume ideas for Christmas.

To help you find the perfect Christmas outfit for your vizsla, here are 14 of my favorite vizsla dog Christmas costume ideas.

Oh, and you may need some of these doggie Christmas cookies to treat them for wearing their costume!

1. Christmas Dog Sweater

Elf Christmas Dog Sweater

The perfect costume idea for any vizsla that feels the cold, this cute Elf Christmas dog jumper is a great large dog Christmas costume idea.

There are 4 sizes to choose from (from Large to XXX-large) and three cute designs including this Elf, Santa and a reindeer.

Made from acrylic yarn the fabric is soft and comfy to wear.


2. Reindeer Dog Christmas Costume

Reindeer Dog Costume

Convert your vizsla into a Christmas reindeer ready to deliver gifts with this funny Reindeer harness.

Made from two pieces – the harness attaches with hook and loop (velcro) fasteners under the belly and the cute little antler headpiece has a necktie to adjust the fit.

Reindeer are perfectly matched to your vizsla’s color, and the vizsla dog reindeer costume is guaranteed to be a Christmas hit.


3. Christmas Tree Dog Costume

Dog in Christmas tree costume.

This Christmas Tree costume is a very cute and simple Christmas outfit for vizslas.

It is a two piece front walking outfit, with separate tree and hat. Both pieces are adjustable.

Be sure to measure your vizslas neck and chest to help fit this outfit correctly.


4. Santa Beard Christmas Dog Costume

Christmas Dog Santa Beard

Similar to the Lion Mane in our Halloween costume guide, this Santa Hat and Beard costume for dogs looks so funny.

Made in a single piece it slides over your pup’s head. Simply tighten the elastic fitting and you are done – your vizsla is now a hairy bearded Santa Claus!

The vizsla Santa Claus hat is the perfect vizsla accessory for your Christmas cards and photos.


5. Santa Rider Dog Costume

Santa rider Christmas costume for dogs

This Santa rider costume is super simple and such a funny dog Christmas costume idea.

The coat fixes easily under the belly and around the chest to give you plenty of flexibility in the fit. The Santa is attached to the sleigh coat.

When your pup walks or runs, Santa moves from front to back and it is pretty funny to watch!


6. Funny Christmas Dog T-shirt

Christmas dog tshirt

These funny lightweight Christmas dog tops are great for pups who don’t like a fussy outfit.

Made from a soft and stretchy t-shirt cotton material, you can throw these tees in the wash too.

Choose from a santa, elf, little helper or this one, which is pretty spot on for most Vizslas I know!


7. Ugly Christmas Snowflake Dog Sweater

Ugly Christmas Dog Sweater

If your family has an ugly sweater Christmas tradition, then these ugly Christmas dog sweaters are the perfect choice.

Made from a soft acrylic for easy care, there is a range of pattern choices and the option to buy matching sweaters, beanies and scarves for yourself too!


8. Christmas Present Dog Outfit

Dog in Christmas present costume.

This simple Christmas gift dog outfit is such a cute costume idea!

Made from a soft polyester with foam inside, it has an easy hook and loop (velcro) fitting around the chest and belly to get a good fit and makes putting it on and off really easy.

There are a range of sizes to choose from to get the right fit.

The perfect dog clothes for your vizsla to wear to help hand out the gifts on Christmas morning!


9. Dog Christmas Accessory Set

Christmas dog accessories

Looking for something simpler? This cute Christmas dog accessory set is an easy outfit idea.

The set comes with a festive dog bandana, bowtie and Christmas hat. There are 4 colors to choose from too.


10. Christmas Soft Collar With Bells

Christmas Pet Scrunchy

This soft collar with bells is so cute and adorable and a really easy way to dress up your vizsla for the holiday season!

The elasticized soft collar slips over their head and it is made from a plush fabric they will find comfortable to wear.

I love that there are no straps to tie and less chance they will chew it too. Huxley & Kent make gorgeous pet accessories and this one is no exception.


11. Christmas Tree Dog Coat

Christmas Tree Pet Coat

If your vizsla is on the small side, or you have a vizsla puppy for Christmas, this three tiered Christmas Tree coat is such a fun dog Christmas outfit.

Your pup will need to step into the coat and it fixes across the chest.

This won’t fit an adult vizsla well I don’t think, but for a vizsla puppy it is a super fun dog Christmas costume idea.


12. Reindeer Snood Dog Costume

Reindeer Costume For Dogs

Keep your pup’s ears and neck warm whilst looking festive with this adorable knitted snood.

With cute crocheted antlers and ears, the snood is made from super soft yarn and sits around their face to keep everything snug.

If you aren’t into over-the-top Christmas dog clothes, but want a fun accessory, this Christmas dog snood is a great option.


13. Christmas Dog Collar With Bow Tie

Christmas collar with bow tie

For something simple and cute, these Christmas themed dog collars with bow tie are a great choice especially if your pup doesn’t like wearing costumes.

The adjustable collar has a metal buckle and d-ring to attach your lead and there are 5 sizes to choose from. There are also a range of Christmassy designs to choose from.


14. Christmas Dog Bandanas

Christmas pet bandana set

Finally, if your pup is not a fan of wearing a costume, don’t worry – this pack of 2 dog Christmas bandanas is the perfect alternative.

Made from a durable wash and wear fabric there are three size options – for your vizsla you will likely need the Large or X-Large.

These bandanas exude Christmas cheer and can be worn out on your daily walks too.


Before You Go

I hope you found some great vizsla Christmas outfit ideas in this guide.

If you are planning Christmas with your dog, take a look at these fun ways to celebrate Christmas with vizslas and bake some homemade Christmas dog treats.

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