16 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Vizsla

By: Rachel


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Are those elegant Hungarian Vizslas stealing your heart, leaving you daydreaming about bringing one into your life?

With their charming floppy ears and joyful smiles, Vizsla dogs are pretty irresistible.

However, before you jump in to vizsla ownership, here are 16 things you really need to know before getting a vizsla.

#1 Vizslas Have So Much Love For Their Family And Are Very Loyal Too

happy vizsla with owner.

Life with vizslas is full of love and loyalty! They develop such a deep bond with their families and it is impossible not to connect with them.

#2 You’ll Need An Extra Couch

hungarian vizsla laying on couch.

Proof that vizslas are more human than dog, you’ll need more couch space (and a bigger bed) if you decide to own a vizsla. Although, they will probably end up on your lap giving you cuddles anyway.

#3 Super Intelligent And Learn Quickly

vizsla on lead in park with owner.

Vizslas are smart dogs, which makes training this breed much easier than other breeds. They are even trained as medical assistance dogs and therapy dogs!

#4 But They Also Get Bored Easily And Find It Hard To Relax

crazy vizsla playing outside.

Bred to hunt all day, these dogs have plenty of stamina. Which means if vizslas aren’t kept busy, they can get naughty, destructive and a little crazy.

#5 They Also Love To Sleep All Day

vizsla curled up on blanket asleep.

When vizslas aren’t running at full speed at the dog park or out on the trails, they tend to be curled up asleep looking like a yummy cinnamon bun.

#6 Vizslas Are Sensitive Dogs With Long Memories

vizsla laying down on grass.

Hungarian Vizslas are sensitive, gentle dogs who learn best from positive and kind training methods. They also have long memories, and bad experiences can stick in their minds for a looong time.

#7 Boundless Energy Is Their Number One Trait

energetic vizsla running outside.

Endless energy is perhaps a vizsla’s most famous trait. When all their buddies are ready to head home after a busy session at the dog park, the vizsla has just warmed up.

#8 They Have The Softest, Most Gorgeous Ears

young vizsla with large ears closeup.

The velvety soft vizsla ears are simply irresistible. End of story.

#9 Bred As A Hunting Dog, They Often Have A High Prey Drive And Like To Point

hunting vizsla with bird in mouth.

Hungarian Vizslas are part of the sporting group of dogs, bred as gundogs to point and retrieve quarry in the field. Which means most vizslas like to stalk, point and hunt (or try to). Hopefully not the cat, but often birds, squirrels and possums.

#10 They Are A Super Sniffer And Used In Search And Rescue

hungarian vizsla following scent.

Vizslas have a keen sense of smell which helps them locate small game out in the field. Their scent work skills are recognised by search and rescue organizations who train them as service dogs.

#11 Vizslas Like To Talk To You, A Lot

barking vizsla.

Yes, vizslas are a chatty bunch. Which is to say they like to bark, whine, moan, and generally make noise when they are happy, sad, hungry, lonely, any time really….

#12 It’s Hard To Say No To Them

vizsla puppy sitting looking up.

Who can possibly say no that gorgeous face?

#13 Vizsla Puppies Can Be A Handful

vizsla puppy jumping in yard.

Vizsla puppies have a reputation for being hard work. It’s not so much the potty training, which is actually pretty easy. But the zoomies, lack of self calming, and the biting can all take their toll on new vizsla puppy owners.

#14 It’s Hard To Have Just One

pair of hungarian vizslas.

It can be difficult to stop at a single vizsla once you’ve owned one. They just seem to do better in twos, threes or even fours..

#15 They Love A Game Of Chasey With Their Friends

vizsla playing with wirehaired griffon.

Vizslas seem to know which dogs at the park are good for a game of chasey. It’s the pointers, setters, whippets and collies that don’t need any convincing to join them for a fast lap of the park.

#16 Vizslas Are Big Sooks Who Don’t Like The Cold

vizsla hiding under blanket.

It is hard to believe these dogs were bred in Hungary to hunt in the fields all day. Because most vizslas don’t like the cold and love nothing better than being wrapped up in a cozy blanket.

Before You Go

If you reached all the way to the bottom, you must really love vizslas! Why not take the vizsla quiz to see if they are the right breed for you right now.

And if you’re a vizsla owner, let me know in the comments below what else people should know about the vizsla breed!

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