20 Things Only Vizsla Owners Would Understand

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There are many reasons why Hungarian vizslas are great companion dogs, but there are also some unique things about the breed that only vizsla owners truly get!

So if you are considering a vizsla as a pet, or you already own a vizsla, read on for a light hearted look at 20 things only vizsla owners would understand.

From their silly expressions to heat-seeking obsessions and their wicked tail whip, we uncover 20 fun facts about the vizsla’s traits and personality here.

This article is based on research and personal experience as a Vizsla owner. I’m not a qualified dog trainer, Vet or dog behaviourist.

1. The Velcro Factor

Hungarian vizsla velcro dog staring at owner.

Vizslas have a well deserved reputation as a velcro dog.

You’re having a shower? They’ll be watching. Cooking dinner? They’re right beside you. Making lunch, even closer. Sitting on the couch? They’ll be on you.

Whether they are sitting on you, leaning on you, standing between your legs or close by watching your every move, you have an extra shadow with a vizsla.

2. The Constant Chatter

Vizslas like to talk. To you, at you, and about you!

From the sigh to the grumble, the whine to the bark, vizslas like to let you know how they are feeling, all the time.

If you dare move to get comfortable when they are sitting on you, you’re 5 minutes late serving their dinner or it’s time to head out for a walk, vizslas have a way of letting you know.

3. The Stare Down

Hungarian vizsla staring intently.

The vizsla stare down is renowned amongst vizsla owners.

Commonly seen when they decide it’s time for a walk, when you’re eating toast, or when there isn’t room for them on the couch. Be afraid, very afraid of the vizsla stare down!

4. The Heat Seekers

vizsla laying in sun in backyard.

Vizslas may originate from Hungary and hunt in all weather conditions, but when they’re at home, they feel the cold and follow the heat.

By the fire, in the sun or under a blanket – they love nothing more than soaking up the warmth. Or stealing it when you move away from a nice warm spot.

5. They Like To Watch The World From Up High

Hungarian vizsla laying on top of couch.

Half dog, half cat – the vizsla dog breed love to view the world from up high.

From the back of your couch, the window sill or your kitchen bench, chances are your vizsla will not be sitting on the floor much.

6. The Zoomies

Hungarian vizsla zoomies - leaping with ears in the air.

Oh the zoomies..that frenzied run at full speed with crazed face every vizsla owner knows.

Vizslas are renowned for the zoomies – and not just as a puppy either! It can hit at any time – before a walk, after a walk, during a walk or just before bed.

7. The Funny Vizsla Expressions

Magyar vizsla dog with top lip tucked up underneath with funny expression.

How can one dog have so many unique expressions?

Whether it is stomping their feet as they wait for dinner, the droopy ears when they’ve done something wrong, the chin resting on your lap with sad eyes looking up at you or the goofball upper lip caught in their teeth – vizslas are full of funny expressions that will have you in stitches.

8. The Welcome Home

Regardless of whether you’ve been out of sight for 5 minutes, 5 hours or 5 days, there is nothing quite like the vizsla welcome home greeting.

Crazy tail wagging, slobbery kisses, full body hugs and gifts – it is impossible not to feel loved with a vizsla in the home.

9. Their Sensitive Souls

Hungarian vizsla sitting with purple collar.

Vizslas are a gentle and sensitive breed with so much love to give.

They don’t respond well to harsh treatment or negative training methods and do best in a loving and supportive environment.

10. The Vizsla Glitter

Vizslas may have a single coat with short hair, but they do shed and you’ll likely find their russet colored hair, aka vizsla glitter, everywhere.

In the car, in your bed, on the couch and on your clothes. Hopefully not in your eye – it hurts (talking from experience).

11. The Endless Energy

Magyar vizsla leaping up to catch ball.

No matter how much you run them off leash, play fetch at the park, train them and play with them, vizslas seem to have endless energy and need a lot of exercise.

Renowned for their high energy levels vizsla dogs have two buttons – on and off.

12. The Centre Of Attention

Vizslas aren’t just part of the family, they are the centre of the family. They always want to be the centre of attention.

Whether it is riding in the car, joining family hugs, watching you eat, sitting with you whilst you read bedtime stories to your kids, sitting with you on the couch…whatever is happening, your vizsla needs to be there, front and centre.

13. The Oversized Lap Dog

Velcro vizsla sleeping on lap of vizsla owner.

It seems no-one told the vizsla they were too big to sit in your lap for a cuddle.

Vizslas love nothing more than sitting on you. Or on your head, or across your whole body.

14. Watch Out For The Tail Whip

Ask any vizsla owner about the tail whip and they will confirm the dangers of the vizsla tail.

Docked or not, a whipping from the vizsla wagging tail is not much fun.

15. Forever Puppies

Happy Hungarian vizsla sitting with toy around neck.

When people ask you whether your vizsla is a puppy when they are actually five years old, you realize this breed never grows up.

Vizslas are puppies on the inside, forever.

16. Our Excitement When We See Another Vizsla

Approaching strangers with vizslas when you’re on holidays for a cuddle. Crossing the street to say hello to a fellow vizsla owner. Chasing after random vizslas on the beach.

Don’t worry – these are all common occurrences once you become a vizsla owner. It’s a thing!

17. The Blanket Obsession

vizsla dog under blanket on lounge.

On a cold morning or evening, chances are your vizsla will be curled up under a blanket (that you probably placed on them).

And if you happen to use a blanket when on the couch, expect to share it with your vizsla.

18. Breed Confusion

Hungarian vizsla dogs are often confused with other similar breeds.

From Weimaraners to German Short Haired Pointers and Ridgebacks, vizsla owners are often correcting passer-bys who mistake their dog for another breed.

19. Their Loyalty And Devotion

Hungarian vizsla laying in grass with bottom teeth smile.

Vizslas are a loyal and devoted breed who love their family above all else.

They aim to please and are the perfect companion dog for active families and outdoor lovers.

You won’t find a more openly affectionate breed.

20. We’ll Do Anything For Them

Need an umbrella to pee in the rain? Sure thing. Need an extra blanket to stay warm? Let me get that for you. Want some of my lunch? Of course. Need to take up the whole couch? No worries.

Is there anything we won’t do for our vizslas?

Before You Go

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2 thoughts on “20 Things Only Vizsla Owners Would Understand”

  1. I adopted what I thought was a Fox red lab but after seeing this I’m thinking she’s a Vizsla. Has many of the traits mentioned here.

  2. Aaah Rachel these are all so, so true! My vizsla does every single one of these! We did get lucky though with number 2, our pup is the silent type! It was so relatable to read this post, thanks for all you do!


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