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Our mission is to provide you with all the best information about the Hungarian Vizsla dog breed.

Our goal is to answer all your common (and not so common) Hungarian Vizsla questions so you can enjoy and confidently care for your vizsla.

We share a wide range of information on topics such as the Hungarian Vizsla breed, training, health and grooming, care tips and products we love.

While we are not Vizsla breeders or trainers – we are passionate Vizsla owners who go to great lengths to research and share the very best information and connect you with Vizsla breeders, trainers, health professionals and other fanciers who know so much about this beautiful breed.

So regardless of whether you are thinking of getting a vizsla, or you are a new or experienced vizsla owner, I hope you find this site helpful in your quest to live your best life with your vizsla.

If you are a new (or about to be new) vizsla puppy owner, I recommend you read my Vizsla Puppy Guide which has everything you need to know to get started.

Meet The Team

Rachel is a Vizsla owner and spends her days researching and writing about the breed with her pup Lottie by her side.

Rachel is passionate about sharing accurate and helpful Vizsla information with Vizsla owners.

When Rachel isn’t working on the site she is usually outdoors with Lottie walking the trails or at the park throwing countless balls that are sometimes returned.

Rachel and Lottie the vizsla at the park.

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