Sharing the Vizsla love

My name is Rachel and I am the proud owner of a female vizsla called Lottie.

Both me and my partner grew up with dogs and we are so excited to share the love of caring for dogs with our children.

Here at It’s a Vizsla, our goal is to share the best vizsla care and training resources we discover on our journey as vizsla owners to help you better care for your doggy family members.

We hope you will join us as we detail our journey from new parents to experienced vizsla owners.

We share a wide range of information such as how to train your vizsla, diet, grooming tips, how to care for your dog and our top doggy gear recommendations.

Whether you are also a new dog owner, or an experienced vizsla owner looking for some new doggy gear, we hope you find our site helpful in your quest to feed, train and love your dog.