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Vizslas are not only intelligent and energetic but also full of personality and quirks that their owners find amusing. In fact, Vizsla owners have coined a variety of words and phrases to describe their dog’s unique behaviors and characteristics.

From “vlicking” to “vizsdictions”, these funny Vizsla words are as endearing as they are hilarious and form a unique Vizsla Dictionary for vizsla owners.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most popular and creative Vizsla terminology that owners use to describe their lovable pups. So, whether you’re a Vizsla owner or just a dog lover, get ready for a good laugh and a glimpse into the world of Vizsla lingo!

This article is based on research and personal experience as a Vizsla owner. I’m not a qualified dog trainer, Vet or dog behaviourist.

Origins Of The Vizsla Dictionary

Several years ago I saw a post in a Vizsla Facebook Group with funny vizsla words and definitions that had been collated over the years from vizsla owners.

The source doesn’t seem to be online anymore, and I have seen different versions and words contributed in various forums over the years.

So I wanted to collect and share the vizsla words from these forums in this unique Vizsla dictionary – aka my Vizictionary.

This is not the official glossary for the breed (you can find that here)!

Instead it is a collection of funny vizsla terms that describe their personality in a way vizsla owners will understand – IYKYK.

Thanks to Kay Ingle for the original listing and the various vizsla forums and groups for extra inspiration!

Funny Vizsla Words All Owners Can Relate To

EXCLUSIVIZSLISM – The frowned upon practice of owning only one vizsla.

INVIZSLABLE – What they think they are when you want them to do something and they’d rather do something you don’t want them to do.

LOW VIZABILITY – When your vizsla decides it would be fun to sit in your lap while you are attempting to negotiate traffic. Often occurs right before Novizability (see below).

NOVIZABILITY – Occurs when the driver’s side window is down and your vizsla decides they would like to hang their head out the window.

Hungarian vizsla in moving car with head out of window.

PVS – Pathetic Vizsla Syndrome. The ability of the Vizsla to look or act ill when something happens they don’t like or want to do.

VADAR – The electromagnetic system that allows a sleeping vizsla on the far end of the second floor to detect that you have just begun to cut into an apple, or opened the cheese container. Closely followed by the Voppler Effect (see below).

VALLET – The elegant and graceful dance movements that only a Vizsla can perform.

VALLISTIC – As in “gone Vallistic”. Describes the wild brain cramps-induced bouncing off the walls behavior that only a Vizsla can perform.

VIPLETS – When you can’t have just two.

VIZLITZU – a Vizsla attack usually consisting of a well-timed undercut to the back of the knees. One of those actions all vizsla owners understand!

VIZELLO – When your vizsla goes completely limp, rolls on their backs and seem to acquire an extra 50lbs. Often happens when asked to stack (as in show training) or go outside on a cold rainy day.

VIZSDICTIONS – The addictions that come with owning (or being owned by) Vizslas…showing, hunting, obedience, agility, field, gear.

VIZLEATSCAM – When you get up from the couch to get a cup of tea and your vizsla steals your seat.

Vizsla sitting in upright position on couch.

VIZPLACEMENT – When your vizsla beats you to the recliner.

VIZSMEARS – The smudges on the inside of car windows where your vizsla presses their nose.

VIZSOSITY INDEX – The number agreed on by the family as the maximum number of Vizslas per household.

VIZSCOUNT – The actual number of dogs in the family, usually one more than the Vizsosity index (see above).

VIZSEXTRA SENSORY PERCEPTION – How a Vizsla knows that you’re putting on your “let’s- go-for-a-walk-or-run” shoes or clothes; or the fact that it’s a weekend morning.

VIZSFLOOR COVERINGS – The food crumbs, dirt, mud, grass, water and unmentionables that are always on your carpets and floors – thanks to your wonderful Vizsla(s).

VIZSFUL THINKING – The way a Vizsla can stare seemingly for hours at whatever you are eating, expecting to be fed from the table.

VIZSLACOLADA – The drink you’ve set down “only for a second” that your Vizsla comes and slurps from.

VIZSLAMORTIS – When your vizsla locks every single bone in their body thereby making it impossible for them to be moved or stacked YOUR way.

VIZSLAPSE – The time it takes for:

1) Your Vizsla to strike the most beautiful pose or point you’ve ever seen
2) You to grab your camera
3) You to begin to press down on the shutter button
4) Your Vizsla to yawn, close their eyes, hunch their body in a stretch and/or look really goofy
5) Et Voila – the picture is taken.

Closeup of vizsla dog sitting on grass barking.

VIZSLARATION – is a very close relative of irritation and aggravation except with a sense of humour.

VIZSLARE – The concentrated stare when your vizsla wants something or it is time to go to the park. Often combined with a unique ability to move just their eyes in the direction of the toy or food they want.

Vizsla sitting and intently staring.

VIZSLARIZED – Is what you are when you consider holes in the wall board a normal part of raising a vizsla.

VIZSLITORS – People that your Vizsla thinks come to your house solely to see them.

VIZSLOBBER – The greeting bestowed by the Vizsla on said Vizslitor (see above). Not to be confused with Vizslool (see below).

VIZSLOOL – The white markings seen on vizsla noses at the park.

Vizsla with harness on sitting on street with drool stripe across nose.

VIZZA – The scraps of crust or pieces of meat saved from a pizza for your Vizsla.

VLANKET – A warm covering composed of two or three Vizslas to keep you warm year round. Warmth factor measured in VTU’s (see below).

VLICKING – A typical Vizsla greeting, more specifically defined as the art of licking a person all over while jumping four feet off the ground at the same time.

VOPPLER EFFECT – The ability of a vizsla to warp time and space to be sitting politely at your feet, staring at the apple before you’ve finished the first cut.

Vizsla in knitted jumper sitting in kitchen waiting for food.

VORENSIC SCIENCE – The scientific study used to find proof for which one of your Vizslas has committed a “crime.”

VTU – Vizsla Thermal Unit. The amount of heat generated by each dog.

Vizsla Definitions Of Common Words

In addition to unique vizsla words, there are also the special vizsla definitions of common dictionary words you probably already know.

CUDDLE To lay full dog body weight on top of a human so they cannot get up or move away.

DOG BEDThe most comfortable bed or couch in the house. Usually the one with the most direct sunlight and/or clean sheets.

LEASH – The strap used to ensure you don’t get left behind as your vizsla leads the way.

SLINKY – The action of a vizsla moving away when caught in the act doing something they shouldn’t, like eating the cat’s food or counter surfing.

VELCRO – Vizsla.

Before You Go

I hope you enjoyed this light hearted take on vizsla words.

What are your favorite vizsla terms to describe your dog’s personality or behavior?

Let us know in the comments below so I can continue to build the official Vizsla Owner Dictionary, a.k.a the Vizictionary!

For some fun Vizsla facts read this article and for future vizsla owners, here are some things you really need to know about vizslas.

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