Do Vizslas Like To Cuddle? The Vizsla Cuddle Explained

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Hungarian vizsla dogs are renowned as versatile hunting dogs out in the field, but do vizslas like to cuddle too?

Vizslas are often bought to be family companion dogs and not hunters. So it is no surprise that many future vizsla owners want to know whether vizslas like a snuggle on the couch with the family.

So are vizslas cuddly? Here we answer all your vizsla cuddle questions.

This article is based on research and personal experience as a Vizsla owner. I’m not a qualified dog trainer, Vet or dog behaviourist.

Do Vizslas Like To Cuddle?

Yes vizslas do like to cuddle, a lot! Vizslas form strong bonds with their human owners and one way they show their affection and attachment is through cuddling.

Also known as a velcro vizsla, Hungarian vizslas are a sensitive, intelligent dog breed and devoted family people dog.

They are demonstrably affectionate and many vizslas love nothing more than snuggling up for a cuddle as often as possible. Many vizsla owners joke that they didn’t realize they had bought an oversized lap dog.

In fact for many people their cuddly nature is one of the biggest pros for owning a vizsla.

So why do vizslas like a cuddle? Let’s take a look at the reasons why they are such a cuddly breed and the common forms a vizsla cuddle can take.

Vizsla resting head on lap of woman on couch.

Why Do Vizslas Like To Cuddle So Much?

Renowned as a high energy and sometimes boisterous dog breed, you may not expect vizslas to be a cuddly dog.

However, bred as a companion hunting dog, they were required to work closely with their human owners while hunting.

This breeding has resulted in vizslas having a strong attachment bond with their owners and a strong desire to communicate with them in any way they can.

And despite their job in the field they were never expected to sleep outside like other working dogs. Instead they always lived with the family, sleeping inside.

As a result they don’t tend to like being left alone and some may suggest their need to cuddle can sometimes be an indicator of separation anxiety or clinginess.

However the vizsla cuddle is more likely a result of their breeding to be close companions and their innate desire to please.

Their sensitive nature also means they are quite adept at picking up on signals when their owners are upset, sick or sad – and at these times you will often find your loving companion by your side, ready to give you a warm cuddle.

Sharing a cuddle with your vizsla strengthens the bond between human and dog and is an important part of supporting their emotional wellbeing too.

Common Types Of Vizsla Cuddle

The vizsla cuddle can take many forms from a snuggle on the couch to an awkward lap cuddle.

Here is a light hearted look at some of the most common types of vizsla cuddles.

1. The Couch Lap Cuddle

Despite their size, many velcro vizslas love nothing more than curling up on your lap on the couch.

And yes, many future vizsla owners may say “we will never let the dog on the couch”.

And yet, once they enter your life, they have a funny way of changing your mind, even when they shed all over your clothes..

Vizsla puppy cuddle on lap of woman on couch.
I like a cuddle here

2. The Head Rest Cuddle

When the lap cuddle becomes too uncomfortable, the head rest cuddle is next.

They cuddle just enough of their head on to your leg or lap that you can no longer move off the couch without them complaining.

Vizsla resting head on back of young boy on couch.
I’ll just rest my head here

3. The Neck Warmer Cuddle

Who would have thought you ever needed a vizsla neck warmer?

Not just a vizsla puppy cuddle, these neck warmer cuddles can persist into adulthood which is pretty funny.

Curled around your neck while you work or sit on the couch they are a pretty unique vizsla cuddle and even have their own term – the vlanket!

4. The Chair Cuddle

Perhaps the most awkward vizsla cuddle, particularly once fully grown, many a work day can be spent with a vizsla cuddling in your lap while you try to type.

Perhaps it is just an attention seeking cuddle when some exercise is in order?

Hungarian vizsla sitting on chair next to woman working in front of laptop.
Don’t mind me, I’m just stealing a cuddle

5. The Full Body Cuddle

Popular in our house, the full body cuddle is just how it sounds.

Commonly sought when you are doing yoga, stretching or taking a laydown, the full body vizsla cuddle is more akin to being pinned to the ground until they have had their fill cuddling.

6. The Paw Cuddle

Also known as the cuddle when you are not having a cuddle.

The gentle paw rest on your shoulder, lap or arm is perhaps the most subtle of vizsla cuddles – just so you don’t forget about them.

7. The Nursing Cuddle

When you are feel unwell and spend the day in bed or on the couch, there is nothing better than the nursing vizsla cuddle.

A lovely warm body curled up next to you is bound to make you feel better.

Female vizslas also crave extra cuddles from you when they are in season.

Vizsla snuggled under blanket with woman.
I’ll stay right here

8. The I’m Not Fussy Cuddle

When you are too busy for a cuddle, vizslas are happy to find other creatures to cuddle up to.

They are sometimes happy to cuddle the cat and always happy to cuddle other family dogs. And in the worst case, they will just cuddle their favorite soft toy.

9. The I’m Cold Cuddle

On a cold winter day, vizslas are skilled at seeking out the warmest place to cuddle up and steal some heat.

It may be under your Oodie, inside your oversized jumper or under your doona.

Hungarian vizsla puppy cuddling girl in oodie.
This is the best cuddle

Are Vizslas Cuddly Puppies?

Many new vizsla owners are dismayed to discover the cuddly puppy they were expecting has been replaced by a crazy land shark when they get home.

Puppy biting, zoomies, whining and overtiredness can often mean relaxed vizsla puppy cuddles are few and far between and only happen once pup has passed out.

But don’t worry – the cuddles are coming!

After a few months of consistent puppy training and time for them to mature a little they will become the cuddly dog vizslas are famous for being.

Do All Vizslas Like To Cuddle?

Of course all vizslas have unique personalities and while in general they do like to cuddle, there will be some vizsla dogs that are less cuddly than others.

Sometimes it is a phase, and they just haven’t chosen their cuddle buddy yet.

But, if they are pacing and not relaxed in the evening it may be a sign they need more exercise during the day.

Also, if you are busy at work and don’t spend much time with them they may not be as cuddly with you. So spending more time with them can help build a stronger bond that may result in more cuddles.

And just remember that while some vizslas may not enjoy a cuddle, they will always still want to have your attention, play games with you and spend time on walks together.


Vizslas are a loving and affectionate dog breed and one of the best cuddle dogs.

Does your vizsla dog like to cuddle? What type of vizsla cuddle is your favorite?

Have I missed any other types of cuddles? Let me know in the comments below!

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