When Do Vizslas Calm Down? [And What You Can Do To Help]

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If you have a new vizsla puppy or a hyper vizsla teenager you may be asking yourself just when do vizslas calm down?

The Hungarian Vizsla is an energetic sporting dog breed, but when dealing with end of day puppy zoomies or a hyper vizsla dog it is a pretty fair question to be asking!

So in this guide we take a look at what age do vizsla puppies (and dogs) calm down plus offer some expert tips on how to calm vizslas down when they get a little too crazy.

This article is based on research and personal experience as a Vizsla owner. I’m not a qualified dog trainer, Vet or dog behaviourist.

When Do Vizslas Calm Down?

Like many medium to large size dog breeds, Hungarian vizslas tend to calm down at around 2 or 3 years old.

By this age they are through the new puppy and naughty teenage years, and are both physically and mentally more mature.

But the most important factor to your vizsla calming down and self regulating their emotions is consistent training through those early months and years.

With positive training and firm but kind discipline, you are likely to be rewarded with a calm and happy adult vizsla dog.

However, a “calm vizsla” is likely to be very different to other dog breeds.

Vizsla dogs are a naturally energetic hunting breed and many long time vizsla owners will tell you that their bouncy and lively personality stays with them for many, many years through their adult life.

They just get better at self-regulating their excitement!

When Do Vizsla Puppies Calm Down?

The first 6 months living with a vizsla puppy can be a bit of a shock to new puppy owners. Most vizsla puppies seem to have two speeds, on or off!

With boundless energy, their excitable nature and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth it can be a very challenging time.

Thankfully, with consistent training and plenty of patience, by the time they reach 5-6 months of age the worst parts of the crazy hyper puppy stage should be behind you.

Hungarian vizsla dog running fast through grass.

How To Calm Down A Vizsla Puppy

Vizsla puppies are energetic, bouncy bundles of joy. They have a lot of energy to burn and it is important to ensure your puppy is getting plenty of:

  • Regular short walks based on their age.
  • Energetic games like tug of war, catching bubbles and fetch.
  • Short and simple training sessions to teach basic commands.

But they can tire quickly and turn a little crazy.

Barking, whining, biting and zoomies are all signs of an overtired puppy who needs your help to calm down after playtime.

So below are some tips to help you calm down vizsla puppies.

Tips To Calm Down A Puppy

  • Ensure they get plenty of sleep during the day as a hyperactive puppy is often an overtired puppy.
  • Encourage them to find a toy to put in their mouth when they get excited to minimize biting.
  • Offer them puppy friendly chews like lambs ears to help them sit down and relax after playtime.
  • Have a dedicated quiet space like a crate, play pen or room where they can go when they can’t settle and need to nap.
  • Manage all interactions with cats so they don’t get too worked up.
  • Try playing classical music or calming sounds when it’s time to nap.
  • Pop a hot water bottle or warm wheat bag wrapped up in their bed to encourage them to lay down for a nap.
  • Be calm yourself – vizslas are quite good at picking up emotional signals.

And if all else fails, sometimes a firm loving cuddle may be required to help them relax and get to sleep in those early puppy months.

If you are a new vizsla or dog owner, it can be helpful to invest in some dog training to learn the skills required to help your dog learn how to be calm.

This online calm dog course is a great option as it offers lifetime access to the course materials and a self paced approach to learning.

How To Calm Down A Hyper Vizsla Dog

If your vizsla is past the puppy stage but still an overly hyper dog, you may need to look at your daily routine, how you interact with your dog and assess whether your vizsla is getting enough physical and mental exercise as well as enough affection.

A common reason for a hyper vizsla going “vallistic” is insufficient energy release. And not just physical energy. Vizslas are smart dogs and need to be mentally stimulated too.

If they are left alone all day they may be more needy and demanding when you get home.

Also speak to your breeder, as they will have a good understanding of the dog’s ancestry and any known temperament challenges.

When a vizsla’s physical, mental and emotional needs are met they are much more likely to be calm.

Tips To Calm Down A Hyper Dog

Ensure your vizsla is getting at least 2 x 30 minute periods of exercise each day.

At least one of these sessions should be off leash so they can freely run, swim, sniff or act like goofballs.

Also integrate short mentally challenging games with your vizsla into your day.

Games are an effective tool for tiring your dog without having to get outside and are a great way for kids to play with the dog too.

Try hide and seek, find the toy, sit and wait or teach new tricks – all good options.

If your dog gets too excited playing with other dogs at the park, pop them back on the lead until they calm down. They will quickly learn they need to behave a certain way to earn the right to be off lead.

Actively teach your dog to be calm in different situations. Over exercising your dog is not always the answer to a hyper dog and teaching them to relax themselves is essential. If you are not sure how to go about it, this online course teaches dog owners how to calm your dog and is well worth the money.

Vizslas are bred as a working dog so they naturally like to be busy. It is a good idea to find ways to keep them busy with games, toys and jobs.

Finally, ensure they are getting enough time with you each day – they love to be with people and too much time alone can cause hyper activity.


Hopefully you feel reassured that vizslas do calm down, particularly in adulthood from around 2 years of age.

They are eager to please and given the right amount of positive training will learn self control and how to be calm.

The secret to a calm vizsla is plenty of physical exercise, mental stimulation, training and time spent with you. Plus bucket loads of patience to get you through those first few puppy months!

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