Guide To Finding The Best Vizsla Breeders [And Why It Matters]

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Buying a vizsla puppy from one of the best vizsla breeders is the only way to ensure you bring home a healthy puppy that has been ethically bred and has all the characteristics you would expect of the vizsla breed.

But it can be very difficult to know whether a vizsla dog breeder is reputable or not. Vizsla puppy mills and farms that purely breed for profit are not always easy to set apart from the reputable vizsla breeders.

So if you are looking for a vizsla puppy and want to be sure you are dealing with the best vizsla dog breeders, read on. We share the common features of top vizsla breeders, red flags to look out for and important questions to ask every vizsla breeder.

This article is based on research and personal experience as a Vizsla owner. I’m not a qualified dog trainer, Vet or dog behaviourist.

Why It Matters To Find The Best Vizsla Breeders

When you wait for a reputable vizsla breeder to choose the perfect purebred vizsla puppy for you, not only will you find your new best friend, you are also doing your part to ensure the advancement and protection of the breed.

Puppy mills, pet stores and unregistered backyard breeders will breed puppies solely for profit and do not have the best interests of you or the puppy in mind.

When dogs are bred without consideration for their ancestry and temperament it can result in puppies with health and temperament issues that are difficult for new owners to resolve.

Plus when not enough care is taken to match new puppy owners with the right breed and puppy, it has negative impacts for both you and the puppy.

Vizsla rescues are full of dogs that are the result of poor breeding, an inappropriate match, the impulsive gift purchase and insufficient support from the breeder.

So if you are doing your research on the Hungarian vizsla breed and want to ensure you buy from the best vizsla dog breeders, read on to find out how to separate the good from the bad.

Hungarian vizsla dog standing with owner.

Common Features Of The Best Vizsla Dog Breeders

Listed below are common features of the best vizsla breeders. If you can tick most if not all of these boxes you are well on your way to finding vizsla puppy breeders with the right intentions for you, their dogs and their puppies.

This list of features is “international” so they are relevant no matter where you are based in the world.

However where there are US specific organizations listed there will likely be a national equivalent in your country.

Top Breeder Features

  • Vizsla breeder is a member of their national dog association and state and/or local Vizsla Club.
  • The vizsla breeders in US follow the Vizsla Club Of America Code Of Ethics (will be equivalent in other countries).
  • OFA health tests are completed for both parents before breeding and results made available.
  • Puppies are provided with microchip, vaccinations and registration papers.
  • The best vizsla breeder has a contract to sign which they go through with you to ensure you understand it.
  • They will happily provide references for puppy owners from previous litters.
vizsla jumping over red and yellow jumps at dog agility trials.
  • Top vizsla breeders show their dogs in conformation. Participation and success in conformation demonstrates a third party peer review of their dogs abilities and alignment with the Hungarian vizsla breed standard.
  • Good vizsla dog breeders ask you plenty of questions about your family, life and work situation, property and lifestyle to ensure their pup is going to a good home. They aren’t being busy bodies, they are ensuring the best fit for you and the puppy!
  • The vizsla breeder will use temperament testing to best match puppies to new owners.
  • Dog and puppy areas are clean and well set up. Puppies are on the premises where the breeder lives.
  • Breeders will not allow dogs to leave their mother until 7-8 weeks of age.
  • Top breeders ensure proactive socialization of puppies occurs from birth to ensure they are well adjusted to all the regular day to day noises and habits such as grooming and nail trimming.
  • Vizsla breeders are contactable and available to answer your questions after you take puppy home.
  • The best vizsla dog breeders have a lifetime return policy for their puppies if things don’t work out or life circumstances change.

Warning: Some breeders will pretend to have these features to appear reputable, so read on to discover the red flags to look out for and questions you should ask when choosing a Hungarian vizsla breeder.

Vizsla Breeder Red Flags

Below are some red flags that may indicate the vizsla breeder is selling puppies only for profit and may not have the best interests of you or the puppy in mind.

These red flags often only become apparent when you meet the breeder or when you ask the questions outlined in the next section.

Red Flags

  • The breeder is not a member of the national dog club or vizsla clubs.
  • They do not register their dogs or litters with the national registration body (AKC, CKC, Kennel Club etc).
  • Advertises their pups as show quality without providing any evidence of show titles.
  • The breeder does not show their dogs in any conformation events.
  • Charges extra for puppy health tests and registration papers.
  • Sell males for less than female vizsla puppies.
  • Cannot produce OFA health test results for parents of the pups.
  • Makes claims the vizsla breeding lines are healthy without providing any evidence.
  • Bamboozles you with pedigree documents without clearly explaining and demonstrating the bloodlines of the litter.
  • Breeds dogs before they reach two years of age.
  • Consistently produces multiple litters each year or has multiple litters at once.
  • Doesn’t allow visits to their facilities or won’t show you where litters are cared for.
  • Requires a non-refundable deposit before puppies are born or any paperwork is provided.
  • Doesn’t ask you any questions about your lifestyle to determine your suitability to own a vizsla.
  • Does not have a return policy.
  • Sells without a contract.
  • Does not follow up with you after the sale to check on the puppy.
  • Breeds more than two or three breeds.
  • Cannot provide you with references from previous puppy owners.
Beautiful adult vizsla dog pointing.

Questions To Ask Hungarian Vizsla Breeders

When you meet Hungarian vizsla dog breeders in person or over the phone, ask plenty of questions.

You want to be comfortable with their answers and with the breeder as they will be an important support for you as a new puppy owner.

  • Ask how long they have been breeding vizslas for and why they breed.
  • Ask whether the litter has been bred for conformation to the vizsla standard, hunting or field. Litters bred from lines strong in hunting and field are not necessarily the best choice if you are looking for a companion dog, service dog or if you already have a cat.
  • Ask for references from recent puppy purchasers. Contact them and ask about their experience dealing with the breeder.
  • Ask to see the parents of the litter. Often you may not be able to meet the male if they have used a stud dog, but you will be able to meet the female.
  • Ask to see the OFA and CERF health test results for both parents and check they are both cleared of hip dysplasia.
  • Ask for the AKC registered names and titles of both the sire and dam.
  • Ask about the temperament of both the sire and dam and any temperament issues in their pedigree bloodlines.
  • Ask what temperament tests and socialization activities are planned for the pups.
  • Ask if they have any requirements regarding neutering/spaying the puppies and showing. Some breeders require you to allow female vizslas to go through one heat cycle.
  • Ask why they paired the sire and dam – what temperament they are hoping to achieve.

How To Verify They Are Reputable Vizsla Breeders

Once you have gone through the lists and questions above you are in a position to verify they are a reputable vizsla breeder.

It is important to check the information they provided is true and correct.

  • Verify their membership status by contacting the local and national Vizsla clubs.
  • Check the parents health status in the OFA database. The list of mandatory and optional health tests for vizsla dogs are listed here.
  • Check the AKC registered names and titles of the sire and dam on the AKC (or equivalent) database.
  • If you are looking for a vizsla with strong hunting or field bloodlines, check the field trial records database.
  • Visit the breeder if you can to see their facilities, meet them face to face and confirm everything you have spoken to them about.
Hungarian vizsla dog hunting and sitting next to hunter holding gun.

How To Find Top Vizsla Breeders

The four best ways to find a vizsla breeder near you are:

  • By contacting the national or state Vizsla Club in your country
  • Through word of mouth from friends and owners of purebred vizslas
  • At official dog events and shows
  • Through Vizsla Facebook groups run by official vizsla clubs or community viz whizz groups.

Vizsla Breeders In US

Top breeders will be members of the American Kennel Club and Vizsla Club Of America.

To find a breeder, make contact with the Vizsla Club Of America and contact the person listed as the breeder referral contact in your state.

Also refer to the following articles for state specific listings:

Hungarian Vizsla UK Breeders

Top breeders will be members of the Kennel Club and the Hungarian Vizsla Club UK.

The Hungarian Vizsla Club holds a list of approved breeders who agree to comply with the rules for breeding vizslas in the UK. See the list here.

Vizsla Breeders Australia

The best Hungarian Vizsla breeders in Australia will be members the Australian National Kennel Club through Dogs Australia and their state based Vizsla Club.

Vizsla Breeders Canada

Good Canadian vizsla breeders will be members of the Canadian Kennel Club and Vizsla Canada.

Refer to the following guides to find Vizsla breeders in Canada:

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