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Are you looking for reputable vizsla breeders in Florida to find the perfect vizsla puppy for your family or as a hunting companion?

In this guide we share some of the top Florida vizsla breeders and tips for you to be sure you are sourcing a puppy from a reputable vizsla breeder.

So whether you are looking for vizsla puppies for sale in Florida now, or you are planning ahead and want find a respected Hungarian vizsla dog breeder in the Southeast, read on to find out where to find vizsla puppies in Florida.

This article is based on research and personal experience as a Vizsla owner. I’m not a qualified dog trainer, breeder, Vet or dog behaviourist.

Where To Find Vizsla Puppies For Sale – Florida

The only people you should buy a vizsla puppy from are reputable vizsla breeders.

Unfortunately like all other states, when it comes to vizsla breeders Florida also has puppy mills and commercially driven backyard breeders who don’t have the best interests of the puppies or breed front of mind.

It can be tempting to buy from these places when you want to buy a vizsla puppy now.

But, if you are looking for a healthy vizsla dog with a stable temperament and lifelong breeder support, we strongly recommend you deal only with top vizsla breeders in Florida, even when the upfront vizsla puppy cost is higher than online puppy stores.

And to help you find them, we outline some key attributes of quality breeders to look for in the next section.

We also list 5 reputable vizsla Florida breeders to contact below.

It is usually best to send an introduction email with details about you and your circumstances and why you want to adopt a vizsla.

Note that many breeders will only breed occasionally but they may know of other breeders with upcoming litters if they are not currently breeding.

Finally, be prepared to accept that finding the right puppy from a good breeder usually takes time and you may need to wait 6-12 months to bring the perfect vizsla puppy home.

Features Of Reputable Florida Vizsla Breeders

Top vizsla breeders aim to produce healthy dogs that meet the vizsla breed standard. They are not driven solely by income generated through puppy sales.

If you are a first time dog owner, read this in depth guide to finding the best vizsla breeders before contacting breeders.

Hallmarks of reputable vizsla breeders include:

  • Careful selection of dame and sire with a thorough knowledge of bloodlines.
  • They encourage you to ask questions about the breed.
  • Will have plenty of questions for you too to find the right match.
  • Health tests are completed for both the parents and puppies.
  • Ongoing support, health guarantee and return to breeder option.

Health tested dogs can be verified at and bloodlines viewed at

All respected vizsla dog breeders will ask what you are looking for in a vizsla puppy – whether you are looking for a hunting companion, show dog or family companion dog.

The perfect temperament for a family dog will differ to one that will succeed in the field.

Be guided by the breeder when looking for a puppy as they have a good understanding of the temperaments of the puppies and the bloodlines of the parents.

Newborn vizsla puppies sleeping close next to each other on floor.

Top Vizsla Breeders In Florida

Listed below are just 5 of the top local vizsla breeders – Florida. Note it is by no means a comprehensive list of all reputable breeders in the state.

All these breeders follow the Vizsla Club of America ethical breeding guidelines.

For a full list of Florida vizsla breeders and the most up to date information on local vizsla litters, we recommend you contact your local vizsla club as they will know more about vizsla puppies near you.

1. Valley Hunter Vizslas

Located in central Florida, Valley Hunter Vizslas have worked with vizslas for over 25 years.

Jean is passionate about the breed and producing the true “DIY” vizsla dog that is just as good in the field as it is in the show ring or on the couch with the family.

Valley Hunter Vizslas are an active member of the Tampa Bay Vizsla Club and follow the Vizsla Club of America’s Code Of Ethics.

Litters are infrequent, but worth waiting for.

Valley Hunter Vizslas Contact Details

2. TruBlu Vizslas

Located in Marion County, TruBlu Vizslas was established in 2016 and is an AKC Breeder of Merit.

Passionate about responsible breeding, TruBlu Vizslas successfully compete in conformation shows, Hunt Tests, Obedience and Field Trials.

They are active in local and state Vizsla Clubs, are dedicated to the Hungarian vizsla breed and providing the best care for their dogs and pups.

TruBlu Vizslas Contact Details

3. Elgin Vizslas

Established in 1983, Elgin Vizslas is an AKC Master Breeder and Breeder Of Merit – Silver.

Active with both local and state vizsla clubs, they compete in AKC conformation shows, Agility, Obedience, Rally and Hunt Tests.

Elgin Vizsla dogs are highly regarded by families and breeders alike for their conformation to the vizsla standard.

Elgin Vizslas Contact Details

Vizsla puppy laying on other puppies and looking directly at camera.

4. Crimson Sky Vizslas

Located in central Florida, Crimson Sky Vizslas is an AKC Breeder of Merit and active members of their local, state and national vizsla clubs.

Crimson Sky Vizslas breed high quality “dual” vizslas that excel in the field and conform to the vizsla standard.

They have won championships at both the regional and national level and successfully compete in conformation shows, field trials and hunt tests.

All vizsla litters are lovingly raised in the home, health tested and socialized from day one.

Crimson Sky Contact Details

5. Vizion Vizslas

Located near Tampa, Vizion Vizslas have been involved in vizsla breeding for over 25 years.

Vizion Vizslas are an active member of local clubs, Vizsla Club Of America and the American Kennel Club.

They participate in AKC conformation shows as well as performance events including hunting, agility and tracking events.

Their dogs and puppies are part of their family and they breed with temperament and trainability in mind which makes them perfect as family pets.

Vizion Vizslas Contact Details


Good luck in your search for a vizsla puppy!

If you are unable to find vizsla puppies in Florida with the breeders listed (or you are happy to travel further), we recommend you visit The Vizsla Club Of America to contact vizsla clubs who can direct you to a responsible Hungarian vizsla breeder near you.

Finally, if you are prepared to travel, another option is to contact vizsla puppy breeders in other states:

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