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Are you looking for reputable vizsla breeders in Illinois to find a vizsla puppy for your family or as a hunting companion?

In this guide we list some of the top Illinois vizsla breeders and tips for you to be confident you are sourcing a puppy from ethical vizsla dog breeders.

So whether you are looking for vizsla puppies for sale in IL now, or you are planning a future purchase and want to contact Hungarian vizsla breeders in the Midwest, read on to find out where to find vizsla puppies in Illinois.

This article is based on research and personal experience as a Vizsla owner. I’m not a qualified dog trainer, breeder, Vet or dog behaviourist.

Where To Find Vizsla Puppies For Sale In Illinois

The only people you should look to when buying a vizsla puppy are reputable vizsla breeders.

Unfortunately like all other states, when it comes to vizsla breeders Illinois has it’s fair share of puppy mills and unethical backyard breeders who don’t have the best interests of the puppies or the breed in mind.

It can be tempting to buy from these types of places when you want to buy a vizsla puppy right away.

But if you are looking for a healthy vizsla dog with a stable temperament and good breeder support, we recommend you deal only with top Illinois vizsla breeders.

To help you find them, we outline some key attributes of quality breeders to in the next section.

Then we list 5 reputable vizsla Illinois breeders to get you started on your search.

It is usually best to send an introduction email (or call) with details about you and your circumstances and why you want to own a vizsla.

Note that most breeders will only breed occasionally but they often know other breeders with upcoming litters.

Finally, be prepared to accept that finding the perfect puppy usually takes time and you may need to wait 6-12 months (or longer) to welcome a puppy into your home.

Features Of Reputable Illinois Vizsla Breeders

The best vizsla breeders aim to produce healthy dogs that meet the vizsla breed standard. They are not driven solely by income through puppy sales.

If you are a first time dog owner, read this in depth guide to finding the best vizsla breeders before contacting breeders.

Hallmarks of reputable vizsla breeders include:

  • Careful selection of both the dame and sire.
  • A thorough knowledge of bloodlines and temperaments.
  • They are open to your questions and will have plenty of questions of their own for you too.
  • Health tests are completed for both the parents and puppies.
  • Ongoing breeder support and return to breeder options.

Health tested dogs can be verified at and bloodlines viewed at

All respected vizsla dog breeders will want to know what you are looking for in a vizsla – whether you are looking for a hunting or field dog, show dog or family companion dog.

The perfect temperament for a family dog will differ to one that will succeed in the field.

Be guided by the breeder when looking for a puppy as they will have a good understanding of the temperaments of the puppies and the bloodlines of the parents to find the best match for your circumstances.

cute pile of vizsla puppies sleeping on brown leather couch.

Top Vizsla Breeders In Illinois

Listed below are just 5 of the top local vizsla breeders Illinois. This is by no means a comprehensive list of all reputable breeders in the state.

All these breeders follow the Vizsla Club of America ethical breeding guidelines.

For a full list of Illinois vizsla breeders and the most up to date information on local vizsla litters, we recommend you contact your local vizsla club as they will know more about vizsla puppies near you.

1. Busch Vizslas

Located in Winnebago Illinois, Busch Vizslas have been breeding and competing with vizslas for over 50 years!

Both Jim and Linda have served in both the Vizsla Club of America and Vizsla Club Of Illinois for many years and are lifetime members.

Their dogs have had great success in conformation and field events but they are also passionate about breeding dogs with excellent temperaments for family pets.

Busch Vizslas Contact Details

2. Sienna Pointe Vizslas

Located northwest of Chicago, Sienna Pointe Vizslas was established in 1998 and is an AKC Breeder of Merit – Silver.

Cathy is a former director on the Board of the Vizsla Club of America and is an active member of both national and state vizsla clubs.

Sienna Pointe participate in Agility and Hunt Tests, Obedience, Conformation, Service and Therapy Dog and Nosework trials.

Puppies are raised in their home and once temperament tested are matched with prospective owners. They provide lifelong support to puppy owners and are passionate about breeding healthy and happy vizslas.

Sienna Pointe Vizslas Contact Details

3. Mitchell Vizslas

Located west of Chicago, Mitchell Vizslas have been vizsla breeding for over 20 years and are an AKC Breeder of Merit.

Active in both local and state vizsla clubs, Mitchell Vizslas have worked closely with Busch Vizslas for many years and breed healthy dogs with great temperaments.

Mitchell Vizslas care for new litters in the home and start socialization right away. They also provide ongoing support to new puppy owners.

Mitchell Vizslas Contact Details

Closeup of new vizsla puppy sleeping.

4. JNEK Vizslas

Located in Chicago, JNEK Vizslas is an AKC Platinum Breeder of Merit and have been breeding vizslas since 1998.

JNEK Vizslas compete in all AKC venues including agility, conformation, hunting, field trials and tracking.

They are active members of their local, state and national vizsla clubs and are Hunt Test and Field Trial judges.

They have bred over 50 Bench champions and are passionate about breeding the finest and award winning vizslas.

JNEK Contact Details

5. Albin’s Vizslas

If you are in southern Illinois, consider Albin’s Vizslas. Located just over the border in Missouri, Rodney & Anne Albin have been breeding vizslas for 25+ years.

Rodney & Anne Albin are active member of their local and state vizsla clubs and are AKC Breeders of Merit.

They participate in AKC field trials, hunt tests, hunting and agility events.

Puppies come from a long line of high quality breeding of champion vizslas and make great family pets. 

Albin Vizslas Contact Details


We wish you the best of luck in your search for a vizsla puppy!

If you cannot find current litters of vizsla puppies in Illinois with the breeders listed, we recommend you visit The Vizsla Club Of America and email the vizsla breeder referral contact who can direct you to a responsible Hungarian vizsla breeder near you.

Finally, if you are prepared to travel, another option is to contact vizsla puppy breeders in other states or across the border in Ontario, Canada:

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