How Much Does A Vizsla Cost? [2024 Price Guide]

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If you love the Hungarian Vizsla breed and would like to be a vizsla owner, a valid question to ask is how much does a vizsla cost?

So in this comprehensive Hungarian Vizsla price guide I take you through all the costs of a vizsla dog. From the upfront cost of a Vizsla puppy to the ongoing monthly expenses, you’ll learn about all the factors that contribute to the total cost of owning a Vizsla so you can plan your budget accordingly.

By the end, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of the financial commitment involved in buying and owning a Vizsla. So grab your calculator and get ready to make a plan for your future four-legged friend.

This article is based on research and personal experience as a Vizsla owner. I’m not a qualified dog trainer, Vet or dog behaviourist.

How Much Does A Vizsla Cost?

The upfront cost of a vizsla puppy ranges from $1,500 – $3,000 with the average being around $2,250.

In addition to the upfront Hungarian vizsla cost, there are also initial vizsla puppy costs and ongoing dog ownership costs to consider.

Initial costs to prepare for your pup range from $905 – $2,550. This includes food, insurance, vet checks and vaccinations and well as essential pet gear.

The ongoing monthly cost of owning a vizsla dog ranges from $110 – $315 factoring in food, insurance, medical checks and supplies, training, grooming and pet supplies.

This average monthly cost does not take into account unexpected medical costs nor optional costs such as dog walking services, birthday celebrations, pet sitters, personal dog trainers or dog boarding services.

Upfront Puppy Cost$1,500 – $3,000+
Initial Vizsla Puppy Costs$905 – $2,550
Annual Dog Ownership Cost$1,320 – $3,780+
Hungarian Vizsla Cost Estimates

Read on to find out what makes up the total cost of a vizsla puppy so you can plan and budget in advance and be confident you can afford to buy a vizsla puppy.

And if you don’t have time right now to read everything in this guide, you can download the free Vizsla cost price guide and save the article for later.

Bundle of vizsla puppies asleep on brown leather couch.

What Is The Upfront Cost Of A Vizsla Puppy?

Vizsla puppy prices vary from state to state and country to country. My research in to the current vizsla price found the average vizsla puppy cost in the US to be $2,250.

In comparison, buying a vizsla puppy in the UK averaged £2,500, while the average cost of a vizsla puppy in Australia is $2,750 (AUD).

It is worth noting that some breeders with champion pedigree puppies will charge far more for their puppies, but these average prices are for companion pets, not dogs bred to be show or hunting champions.

And while there is far more to owning a vizsla puppy than just the cost, the upfront vizsla puppy price is a significant investment and cost of vizsla ownership.

Below we have listed the vizsla puppy cost range for the United States, UK and Australia.

CountryCost RangeAverage Cost
United States$1,500 – $3,000+$2,250 (USD)
United Kingdom£1,500 – £3,500+£2,500 (GBP)
Australia$1,500 – $4,000+$2,750 (AUD)
Canada$1,500 – $3,000+$2,250 (CAD)
Upfront Vizsla Puppy Cost

It is really important to note that price does not indicate quality.

There are puppy mills charging premium prices for poorly bred vizsla puppies. You always need to do your research on each breeder to know whether they are a reputable breeder.

So what affects the cost of vizsla puppies? In the next section I take a look at the main price influencers to help you understand what makes up the total cost for your puppy.

Factors That Influence The Upfront Vizsla Puppy Price

The price of a vizsla puppy will vary depending on many different factors including:

  • Where you source the puppy from and the experience of the breeder
  • The bloodlines of the dam and sire
  • Your location and current demand for vizslas
  • The age of the vizsla.

1. Source Of Vizsla Puppies

While you may find cheaper vizsla puppies for sale on websites such as Craigslist or Gumtree, we only recommend you buy a vizsla from a reputable breeder.

The experience and reputation of the breeder will have the most significant impact on the vizsla puppy price.

This is because when you buy from a reputable breeder you can be confident you’re buying a purebred vizsla with parents that have been health tested, bred with their temperament and health in mind and is well socialized in the early weeks.

All of these things give you the best chance of success to raise a healthy and happy vizsla with the ongoing guidance of an experienced vizsla owner.

It may be tempting to buy a vizsla puppy online – they are cheaper, often available right away and seem to be well cared for.

But chances are that cheap puppy may end up costing you more financially and emotionally in the long run if they are poorly socialized, have not been health tested and have temperament or health problems.

2. Parent Bloodlines

The pedigree of your puppy has a big impact on the cost. Reputable breeders use their considerable experience to select the dam and sire with genetics, temperament and health in mind.

This time and experience feeds in to the cost of a high quality vizsla puppy.

In addition, many vizsla breeders only breed occasionally and breed for specific traits they are looking to show or compete with.

As a result, the pedigree of these puppies will factor into their overall cost. You can expect to pay a premium price for puppies bred from champion dogs with exceptional bloodlines.

In some cases puppies will be highly sought after by other breeders too and this drives the price for some litters up too.

3. Age

There is no doubt vizsla puppies cost the most – most people want to buy a puppy and raise them from when they are 8-12 weeks old.

However in some cases breeders may offer older puppies at a discount – they have puppies from a litter that haven’t been sold and may offer 4-6 month old puppies at a discounted price.

Adult vizslas are often cheaper again – though not as common. If you can’t afford a vizsla puppy, contact Vizsla rescues who may have or know of adult vizslas for sale. A vizsla rescue typically costs between $50 – $500.

4. Demand And Location

There is no doubt that demand for puppies has an impact on price – regardless of pedigree or breeder experience.

We all know what happened during the COVID pandemic – puppy prices went through the roof!

In other cases, a breed becomes more popular thanks to an ad, movie or celebrity and this drives up puppy prices too.

As well as demand, location can also influence price. If you live in a state with a small number of breeders this can force the price up.

Vizsla puppy sitting in lap of owner chewing stick.

Vizsla Puppy Cost – What To Expect In The First Few Months

Once you bring your puppy home, there are quite a few initial costs you will incur in the first few weeks and months.

In fact your puppy’s first year is likely to be one of the most expensive years of their life!

Some of these costs are one off, like food and water bowls and grooming tools. Others will become ongoing costs, like insurance, registration and vet visits.

Below is a summary of your typical initial puppy costs, noting the costs will vary depending on the needs of your puppy, your location and available services.

ItemAverage Cost (USD)
Food$30 – $100
Bed/s$30 – $80
Food and water bowls$20 – $30
Collars/Harnesses and Leash$50 – $100
Dog Crate$30 – $60
Dog Toys And Chews$20 – $50
Flea / Tick / Worm Medications$50 – $100
Poop bags and pooper scooper$20 – $30
License / Council Registration$10 – $20
Microchip$25 – $70
Puppy vet visits and vaccinations$150 – $350
Pet Insurance$300 – $1,000
Puppy School$100 – $250
Grooming Tools$20 – $60
Training Tools (books, videos, online courses)$50 – $250
Total Initial Costs$905 – $2,550
Initial Vizsla Puppy Costs

Puppy Vaccinations

Visiting the vet in the early months for their puppy vaccinations is absolutely essential for protecting your pup from common diseases and is not a cost you should skip.

The cost will vary depending on your vet and the vaccinations required in your state but will typically cost between $150 – $350.

The American Kennel Club has a good article explaining the different puppy vaccinations and why they are needed.

Puppy School

If you are a new vizsla puppy owner, booking your pup into a local puppy school is a great way to meet other puppy owners, socialize your puppy and learn some basic training techniques to help you in those first few weeks and months.

Costs vary depending on the duration and location, but typically range between $100 – $250.

Pet Gear

You will likely go through several collars, harnesses, dog beds and toys in puppy’s first year. Not only will they grow out of their puppy gear, they are more likely to chew and destroy things too!

Always keep a look out for deals on gear, buy on sale when you can and don’t spend too much in the early months as they grow so fast!

Grooming Tools

Vizsla nails are notorious for growing too long very quickly.

I highly recommend you invest in some good quality nail clippers and an electric nail file and start a nail trim routine from the very beginning.

Not only do they need to get used to it, you need to learn the skills of nail trimming too! See this guide for all the basics on trimming your vizsla’s nails at home.

Training Tools

Unless you are an experienced vizsla owner, it is a great idea to invest in a few vizsla books to get a good understanding of the breed. It will help so much as you begin your vizsla training.

Once you complete puppy school, a local dog training group or local vizsla club is a great way to keep the training momentum going in their first year.

How Much Do Vizsla Cost Each Month?

The ongoing cost of pet ownership varies greatly depending on many factors such as food quality, cost of veterinary care and pet insurance.

So we have outlined the typical monthly ongoing costs you might expect to fund for the life of your vizsla.

When we assessed the Vizsla costs for the UK and Australia for the items listed in the table below, they were on par with the USD estimates.

ItemMonthly Cost (USD)
Food$30 – $100+
Pet Insurance$25 – $90
Vet Visits And Boosters$25 – $70
Flea / Tick / Worm Prevention$10 – $15
Treats and Chews$10 – $20
Poop bags$5
Toys$5 – $15
Total Ongoing Monthly Costs$110 – $315
Total Annual Care Costs$1,320 – $3,780+
Average Ongoing Monthly Vizsla Costs

Food Costs

The cost of dog food varies greatly depending on whether you feed wet, dry, raw or some combination of all types of food.

Feeding your vizsla a good quality food can help keep them in good health and reduce the risk of medical issues down the track.

The amount they eat will vary depending on their age, size and activity levels.

But on average a medium sized adult dog will consume around 260 lbs of dry dog food each year.

Depending on the cost of your dog food, this translates to $360 – $1200+ per year.

Pet Insurance

While there is much debate amongst vizsla owners about whether pet insurance is worth the cost, it is an important consideration to protect the health and wellbeing of your dog.

Policies vary a great deal in terms of coverage so it is worth shopping around.

But note it is often difficult to move provider if any claims have been made – so the cheapest deal is not necessarily the best option.

Weigh up what is included in each policy with what you can afford.

Also consider that the first year or so of your pup’s life is often when genetic health issues show themselves. It is also the most likely time your pup will eat something they shouldn’t or do something extraordinarily silly!

So if you can’t afford to hold pet insurance for the long term, consider paying for the first year or two until you have a view of their general health and nature.

It is also worth considering what would happen if you incurred an unexpected cost and how you could / want to manage it.

Vet Visits

It is important to keep your pup protected against disease and an annual vet check is an opportunity for your pup to be looked over by an expert and to receive their annual boosters.

When they are young it is likely to be a single annual visit which may cost anywhere from $50 – $250, but this doesn’t include the cost of treatment and/or medication.

You should also factor in more regular visits as they age, particularly if they develop health issues.

Other Vizsla Dog Cost Considerations

On top of the upfront and typical monthly vizsla costs, there are ad hoc and optional costs to know about when planning your annual pet budget.

Note this list doesn’t include medication or unexpected medical costs resulting from injuries or disease, which are impossible to predict but can run into the thousands, particularly if you don’t have pet insurance.

ItemAnnual Cost Range (USD)
Grooming$80 – $240
Replacement gear and toys$20 – $250
Personal Dog Trainer$100 – $400 per session
Dog Kennel Stay$30 – $50 per night
Dog Walker$10 – $30 per session
Spay/Neutering$50 – $500
Group Dog Training$20 – $50 per session
Doggie Day Care$30 – $50 per day
License / Council Registration$10 – $20 per year
Other Vizsla Dog Costs To Consider


Vizslas are a pretty low fuss dog breed when it comes to grooming, and if you are prepared to do it yourself, the cost to source the necessary grooming tools like a brush is minimal.

However, if you don’t want to manage nail trimming yourself, plan to go to the groomers every month to keep those nails in check.

A groomer will typically charge $10-$20 to trim a dog’s nails.

Dog Training

In person dog training costs vary greatly depending on what type of training you need.

Private 1:1 sessions can cost anywhere from $100 to $400 per session, whereas cheaper group training sessions start for as little as $20 per session. Specialist gun dog training can cost upwards of $1,000.

General group training is the most cost effective type of training and is offered by private organizations and dog clubs.

Group training is a worthwhile investment for vizslas at least for the first year or two so you can nail the basics such as loose lead training, recall and socialization.

Spay/Neutering Costs

If you choose to spay or neuter your vizsla, the cost will vary depending on whether you have a male or female vizsla and where you have the procedure done.

Private veterinary clinics are the most common choice, but you can may also be able to find low cost services in your state. And while the cost of neutering may seem high, the cost of an unplanned litter can be even more.

Vizsla cost infographic outlining the costs of owning a vizsla.

How To Keep The Cost Of Vizsla Dog Ownership Down

As you can see, the total cost of a vizsla dog is far more than the upfront cost of buying a puppy.

So how can you keep the cost of vizsla ownership down? Here are some helpful tips for managing the ongoing vizsla costs.

Tips For Reducing The Upfront Vizsla Dog Cost

If you can’t afford a vizsla puppy, consider adopting an adult vizsla from a vizsla rescue.

The cost of a vizsla rescue dog is significantly less than a puppy and they typically come to you already neutered.

Tips For Reducing The Monthly Ongoing Vizsla Costs

Preventative care is the best way to reduce the chance of expensive vet visits and keep your dog in good health. You can do this by:

  • Feeding your dog the best quality food you can afford
  • Protecting them from parasites with regular tick, flea and worm protection
  • Having a dental routine (brushing, bones and dental treats) to help keep their teeth in good condition
  • Grooming your vizsla at home
  • Ensure your dog is microchipped and registered in case they become lost
  • Preparing homemade dog treats
  • Shop around to find the best pet insurance
  • Read as much as you can on how to train your vizsla to avoid expensive dog trainers.

Vizsla Dog Price FAQS

What Is The Monthly Cost Of Owning A Vizsla?

The cost of owning a vizsla ranges from $110 to $315 a month and varies depending on food, insurance, gear, training, preventative care and vet costs.

How Much Are Vizsla Puppies?

The cost of a vizsla puppy ranges from $1,500 – $3,000 and varies depending on the experience of the breeder, pedigree of the puppy and current demand in your location.

Young vizsla puppy head shot with text overlay How much is a vizsla puppy - comprehensive price guide.

Before You Go

While the COVID pandemic certainly caused a spike in upfront vizsla puppy cost averages worldwide, this appears to be settling down, as demand for puppies comes back to pre-pandemic levels.

But the upfront cost is just one part of the equation, with ongoing dog ownership costs an important consideration for new puppy owners.

Hopefully this price guide helps you understand the total cost of a vizsla so you can plan and budget accordingly. Don’t forget you can download the Vizsla Price Guide here to help you prepare your budget.

If you’re not sure if you should get a vizsla, take the vizsla quiz to find out if it is the ideal breed for you.

And if you’re looking for a vizsla puppy, read our complete Guide to Vizsla Puppies for more information or hop over to our guide to reputable vizsla breeders here.

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