25 Homemade Dog Treats Recipes

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Treats are one of the best ways to reward your dog for good behaviour and to use as motivation when training. But dog treats from the store can be expensive and sometimes include preservatives and unhealthy additives.

So here we share 25 of the best dog treat recipes you can make at home. You may be surprised how quick and easy many of these homemade dog treats recipes are to cook.

Whether you are looking for simple homemade dog treats, gluten free dog treat recipes, easy frozen dog treats or diy dog biscuits, you are sure to find a great new recipe to try for your pup on our list.

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Homemade dog treats recipes

I am always looking for new dog treat recipe ideas for my vizsla. If your pup loves frozen dog treats, they will love my frozen yogurt dog treat recipe.

Below we share more awesome homemade dog treat recipes. I have split them into the following sections:

Homemade frozen dog treats recipes

Home baked dog treats

DIY dog birthday cake ideas

Gluten free dog treat recipes

Simple homemade dog treats

Frozen Dog Treat Recipes

I love, love, love homemade frozen dog treats. Simply combine the ingredients, pour into a mould and pop into the freezer.

When they are firm, transfer them into a freezer bag and you have a constant supply of tasty treats your dog will love.

Perfect for hot Summer days, these easy no bake dog treats recipes are a great way to reward your dog.

Baked dog treat recipes

Homemade baked dog treats are a great way to treat your dog. If your dog doesn't enjoy frozen treats, these crunchy homemade dog biscuit recipes are a great alternative.

From fruit and vegetables to meat and cheese, there is no limit to what you can include when making dog biscuits.

Homemade birthday treats for dogs

If your dog is celebrating a birthday or special occasion, these easy homemade dog cake recipes are the perfect way to celebrate.

From homemade dog cupcakes to a DIY dog birthday cake, spoil your pooch with one of these creative recipes.

Gluten Free dog treat recipes

If your pooch suffers from allergies or wheat intolerance, or you want to reduce the amount of grain in their diet, these homemade gluten free dog treats are the best option.

Simple Dog Treat Recipes

Short on time and looking for super simple homemade dog treats? These easy simple dog treat recipes are quick to whip up when you need them.

For more great food and recipe ideas, hop over to our Food section.


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