The Best Brush For Vizsla Dogs [2024 Reviews]

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Vizslas are known for their low maintenance shorthaired coats, but to achieve a silky smooth coat you will need to invest in the best brush for Vizsla dogs. Regular grooming with a good dog brush can make a big difference in the appearance and overall health of your Vizsla’s coat.

However, with so many grooming brushes on the market, it can be hard to know which one is best for your Vizsla. So in this article I provide detailed reviews of the best Vizsla brush options. Each brush on this list has been chosen based on its effectiveness in removing dirt and hair on Vizslas, its unique features and ability to keep your Vizsla’s coat looking its best.

So whether you’re a new Vizsla owner or a seasoned pro, by the end of this article, you’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision and find the best dog brush for your Vizsla.

Our Top Picks: Best Brush For Vizsla Dogs

If you don’t have time to read my full review and just want my recommendation, these are my two favorite brushes for Vizslas.

With this grooming brush combo you can quickly brush the dirt and sand off after walks and loosen and remove those tiny glittery golden hairs when they are shedding.

Kong Zoom Groom Dog Brush

Kong Zoom Groom

Made of soft rubber with flexible rubber tips, the Zoom Groom is the brush you and your Vizsla will love.

Use it when grooming to remove dead hairs or in the shower and bath to massage and clean your pup.

Plus it is affordable and easy to clean. The perfect brush and the one I use at home.


BioSilk Boar Hair Bristle Brush

BioSilk Bristle Brush

If you take your Vizsla to the forest or beach, the BioSilk bristle brush is the perfect pairing for the Zoom Groom.

With natural soft boar hairs and an easy to hold handle, you can quickly brush with dirt, dried mud and sand off their coat when you get home.

Easy to use and eco friendly, it is the bristle brush I use at home.


Best Dog Brush For Vizsla Coats Comparison

Below is a summary of the best dog brushes for Vizslas reviewed in this guide. 

The table lists the products and their features side by side, so you quickly scan to choose which is the most suitable dog brush for your Vizsla.

ImageProductBrush TypeMaterialsPrice
Zoom Groom Dog BrushKong Zoom GroomCurry combRubberCHECK
Bodhi Dog Shampoo BrushBodhi Pet Grooming Brush
Curry comb with strapRubberCHECK
La Salon Essentials Grooming Brush With LoopLe Salon Essentials Grooming BrushCurry comb with strap and finger loopRubberCHECK
BioSilk Dog Bristle BrushBioSilk Eco Friendly Bristle BrushBristle brush with handlePlant based with boar hairCHECK
Wahl Soft Face BrushWAHL Soft Face Brush
Bristle brushPlastic, rubber and synthetic hairCHECK
HOP Short Hair Dog Two Sided BrushHOP Two Sided Grooming BrushCurry comb and bristle brushBamboo, rubber and boar hairCHECK
Delomo Dog Grooming GlovesDelomo Dog Grooming GlovesGrooming glovesSilicone and polyesterCHECK
Furbuster 3 in 1 Grooming GlovePetMate Furbuster Grooming GloveCombination grooming mittRubber and polyesterCHECK
Mars Professional Dog Stripping KnifeMars Coat King Stripping KnifeWirehaired V stripping knifeWood and steelCHECK

Types Of Grooming Brushes

It is worth understanding the difference between the types of brushes as not all are suitable for Vizslas.

There are several different types of dog grooming brush on the market including:

  • Rubber curry comb
  • Bristle brush
  • Grooming glove
  • Stripping comb
  • Slicker brush
  • Pinhead brush
  • Rake
  • Shedding comb
  • Flea comb

Most dog grooming brushes and combs are designed for medium and long haired dogs to remove tangles and debris from their hair and to de-shed their undercoat.

These brushes are not suitable or necessary for grooming Vizslas.

Shorthaired Hungarian Vizslas have a single short coat. They do still shed their coat, but the short length means their hair doesn’t matt or tangle. They also don’t have an undercoat that needs de-shedding.

The only types of brushes you should use on shorthaired Vizslas are curry combs, bristle brushes and grooming gloves.

Wirehaired Vizslas, on the other hand, DO have an undercoat, and a thick wiry coat that needs to be maintained and stripped more regularly.

For Wirehaired Vs you will need to look at shedding combs and a stripping comb or knife.

collage of different types of dog grooming brushes.

Best Vizsla Brush Buying Guide

Before you read the best Vizsla brush reviews it is worth considering the brush features so you can weigh up the pros and cons of each.

Brush Type

As we explain above, there are several types of dog brush suitable for Vizslas and you may find you need more than one to groom your Vizsla.

  1. Curry Comb – ideal for weekly brushing. Removes the Vizsla golden hairs (a.k.a. glitter) and stimulates the natural oils in their skin.
  2. Bristle Brush – useful for loosening grit, sand and dried mud from their coat after a walk. A good alternative to bathing or wiping them down if they don’t enjoy getting wet.
  3. Grooming glove – alternative to a curry comb for removing hairs and dander.
  4. Stripping knife – for owners of Wirehaired vizslas only.
Person grooming a vizsla with a blue Zoom Groom curry comb.

Brush Design

Most types of Vizsla brush have alternative designs to choose from:

  • Curry combs come with or without a strap or handle.
  • Bristle brushes come with or without a handle.
  • Gloves come in 5 finger or mitt designs.

There are also single sided and dual sided grooming brushes to choose from.

So consider the brush design and which you prefer when choosing the best brush for your Vizsla.

Brush Materials

Brushes also use a range of materials such as rubber, plastic, bamboo and natural or synthetic hair.

If you want to use the brush in the shower or bath, choose a brush that is durable when wet and dry.

When considering a bristle brush, ensure it isn’t too firm or harsh as most Vizslas won’t tolerate a scratchy brush.

Reviews Of The Best Brushes For Hungarian Vizslas

Below I review the best dog brushes for Vizslas.

Read the dog brush reviews to choose the right brush for your dog.

1. Zoom Groom Dog Brush Review

Best brush for Vizsla overall

Zoom Groom Dog Brush

Key Features

  • Materials: Rubber
  • Brush Style: Curry brush
  • Dimensions (in): 4.75 x 3



This patented rubber curry brush by Zoom is my top pick of the brushes for Vizslas and the one I use on my Vizsla at home.

Perfect for short haired dogs, it is gentle on their skin and doesn’t tug or scrape.

At 4.75 long x 3 inches wide the large size brush comfortably fits in your hand so you can quickly work from head to tail when grooming your dog.

It is suitable for wet and dry use so you can use it outdoor, in the shower or the bath. The handy size and rubber material also means it won’t slip out of your hands when wet.

The 3/4 inch rubber fingers are soft and flexible and should be fine for even the most sensitive Vizslas.

My pup is pretty fussy about being brushed and she doesn’t mind this brush at all.

Note the Vizsla glitter (hair) doesn’t tend to get caught in the brush as the gaps between the rubber fingers are quite large.

So you will need a towel or rubber glove to rub them down after brushing to collect all those loosened hairs before they end up on your couch.

For this reason I recommend using the brush outside so the hairs can blow into the garden rather than end up on your floors inside.

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2. Bodhi Shampoo Dog Brush Review

Best dog shampoo brush

Bodhi Dog Shampoo Brush

Key Features

  • Materials: Rubberized Plastic
  • Brush Style: Curry brush
  • Dimensions (in): 5.125 x 3.5



The Bodhi Pet Grooming Shampoo Brush is one of the most popular dog brushes on the market and comes in a wide range of fun colors.

Designed as a bath brush, it is also perfect for deshedding short haired dogs like Vizslas out of the bath too.

It is wider and longer than the Kong Zoom Groom, but has a handy strap on the back to slide your hand into to keep a firm hold on the brush.

The short soft rubber tips are gentle on their skin and are closer together than the Zoom which increases the shampoo lather in the bath.

The density of the tips also means the hairs are more likely to be caught in the brush for easy removal.

The brush is made from plastic and rubber (latex free) and is waterproof.

The tips are not as flexible as the Zoom Groom due to their shorter size, but if your Vizsla is regularly being bathed (muddy walks?) and shampooed then the Bodhi is a better choice.

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3. Le Salon Essentials Rubber Grooming Brush Review

Best affordable curry brush for Vizslas

La Salon Essentials Grooming Brush With Loop

Key Features

  • Materials: Rubber
  • Brush Style: Curry brush
  • Dimensions (in): 5.2 x 3.2


If you are looking for an affordable rubber curry brush for your Vizsla, the Le Salon Essentials Rubber Brush is the best option.

With a strap and finger loop on the back you can get a good grip on the brush while you are grooming your dog.

With similar rubber tips to the Bodhi brush, it is good for both in and out of the batch, with the hair mostly collected in the brush.

The tips aren’t as flexible or soft as the Kong, so a gentle circular motion works best with this brush.

Made of rubber it is waterproof, easy to use and comes at a great affordable price.

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4. BioSilk Eco-Friendly Bristle Brush Review

Best bristle brush for vizslas

BioSilk Dog Bristle Brush

Key Features

  • Materials: Plant based and boar hair
  • Brush Style: Bristle brush
  • Dimensions (in): 9 x 2



You may be wondering what you need a bristle brush for when grooming your vizsla.

Well, a soft bristle brush is perfect for quickly removing debris like dirt, sand and dried mud after a walk.

I own this brush and give my dog a quick brush down with the BioSilk when their belly and/or legs are carrying dirt or sand after a walk.

It is a good quick alternative to rinsing them off in the shower and is particularly great if your pup doesn’t enjoy a bath.

The BioSilk eco-friendly brush is made from sustainable plant based materials and uses natural boar hair for the bristles. The bristles aren’t as soft as the WAHL, but are still soft enough for my Vizsla to tolerate it.

The unique spiral head design makes the brush light and flexible and the ergonomic handle means it is a breeze to use.

Paired with the Zoom Groom Brush this is the perfect combo for keeping your Vizsla’s coat in top condition.

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5. Wahl Face Brush Review

Best palm held bristle brush for vizslas

Wahl Soft Face Brush

Key Features

  • Materials: Plastic, rubber and synthetic hair
  • Brush Style: Bristle brush
  • Dimensions (in): 6.25 x 2.75



An alternative to the BioSilk brush is the Wahl soft face brush. Designed for horses it is perfect for gently brushing dirt and sand off of your Vizsla.

With an ergonomic rubber handle, it fits snugly in the palm of your hand and is easy to keep hold of.

It is a great option if you prefer to grip the brush in your hand instead of holding a handle like on the BioSilk.

The soft and dense synthetic hairs do a good job of loosening dirt and fine hair from their body and will help distribute the natural oils in their hair to give your pup’s coat a lovely shine.

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6. HOP Short Hair Dog Brush Review

Best 2-in-1 brush for Vizslas

HOP Short Hair Dog Two Sided Brush

Key Features

  • Materials: Bamboo, rubber and boar hair
  • Brush Style: Bristle / curry brush
  • Dimensions (in): 9.6 x 3.1


The Home of Paws (HOP) two sided short hair dog brush is the perfect combination of the rubber curry brush and the soft bristle brush in one handy Vizsla brush.

On one side is the silicone head with 0.4″ soft rubber fingers just like the Zoom Groom for deshedding and massaging your pup.

The other side of the brush has 0.7″ long soft boar bristles to loosen hair and debris from your pup’s coat. The bamboo handle is easy to hold and eco-friendly too.

There are very few 2 sided brushes with a bristle and curry brush combo – most have the pin brushes instead. So this is a great brush perfect for shorthaired dogs like the Vizsla.

The manufacturer says it can be used wet, but I wouldn’t recommend using it in the bath or shower.

And while the bristles are soft, I would say they are not as soft as the Wahl brush. So if your pup is particularly sensitive, I think you may be better off with the Wahl instead.

But if you are looking for a combination brush for your Vizsla, this really is a great option at an affordable price.

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7. Delomo Pet Grooming Gloves Review

Best grooming gloves for Vizslas

Delomo Dog Grooming Gloves

Key Features

  • Materials: Silicone and polyester
  • Brush Style: Grooming gloves
  • Dimensions (in): 9 x 5.3


Grooming gloves are a great alternative to brushes as you don’t need to hold anything in your hand.

You simply slip the gloves on and rub your hands over your dog’s coat to massage and loosen the hair.

These 5 finger gloves by Delomo are one of the most popular grooming glove options.

With over 255 soft short silicone tips spread all over the glove palm and fingers you can easily de-shed your dog as you work over their coat.

Some dogs don’t like being approached with a brush or comb, but don’t mind the gloves as you can pet them with the gloves on while they lay next to you.

Unlike other brands, these ones come in a pair, so if you have a preference for grooming with your left or right hand, you can use that glove (or use both at the same time).

The lightweight gloves are one size and measure 9 in long x 5.3 inches wide and 3.2 inches at the wrist. They have an adjustable wrist strap for a better fit.

You can use the gloves in the bath and shower and they are machine washable too.

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8. PetMate Furbuster 3-in-1 Dog Grooming Glove

Best combination grooming mitt for Vizslas

Furbuster 3 in 1 Grooming Glove

Key Features

  • Materials: Rubber and polyester
  • Brush Style: Grooming gloves
  • Dimensions (in): 9.2 x 5.3



For something a little different, the PetMate Furbuster 3-in-1 grooming mitt is an interesting option.

With small silicone tips on one side to loosen the hair, you then have the smooth side which can be used to collect the loosened hair. This side can also be used in the bath to lather up the shampoo on your pup.

If your dog is afraid of the grooming brush, a mitt like this is a good alternative way to introduce them to regular grooming.

The glove is a universal one size for use with either hand, and a wrist strap and inner straps to help hold the mitt in place.

Although saying that, the mitt is quite big and if you have small hands it will move around a bit as you work.

The glove is machine washable and should be air dried.

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9. Mars Coat King Stripping Knife Review

Best stripping knife for wirehaired Vizslas

Mars Professional Dog Stripping Knife

Key Features

  • Materials: Wood and steel
  • Brush Style: Stripping knife
  • Dimensions (in): 6.5 x 1


If you own a Wirehaired Vizsla you will need to strip your pup’s coat a couple of times a year.

Note this tool should NOT be used on a shorthaired Vizsla.

You can hand strip their coat, but you can also use a stripping knife and some of the best stripping knives are made by Mars Coat King.

With an ergonomic solid wooden handle and high grade hardened steel blade, the knife is very effective at removing the dead hair from your pup’s coat.

There are a range of blade teeth sizes and Mars also make them for both left handed and right handed people.

You can also use the Furminator, but I wouldn’t recommend using that tool on their face, feet or legs.

So the advantage of a set of stripping knives with different sized blades is it’s a far more flexible solution for use on all parts of their body.

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Wirehaired Vizsla sitting on grass.

Tips For Brushing A Vizsla

Shorthaired Vizslas are very low maintenance in terms of brushing and our top tips are:

  • Ideally start a grooming routine early as part of their socialization
  • Be gentle and reassuring while using the brush, offering rewards if required
  • Give them a weekly brush down with a curry comb or glove to remove dead hair
  • Use a soft bristle brush to loosen dirt from their coat
  • Only bathe when super muddy or smelly – regular baths aren’t required

For more in depth information, read our full guide to grooming a Vizsla here.

Before You Go

I hope you enjoyed this review of the best vizsla brushes and found the perfect brush for your dog.

If you want to know more about grooming, read our Vizsla grooming guide for a look at all grooming tasks.

Or, take a look at our guide to Vizsla nail trimming, an important job for Vizsla owners to master.

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