15+ Adorable Vizsla Halloween Costume Ideas [2024]

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If your vizsla loves to be part of the Halloween fun, you’ll need an awesome vizsla Halloween costume to dress them up in!

But thanks to the vizsla’s unique body shape, finding dog Halloween costumes that fit (and look good) can be a challenge. So to help dress your vizsla dog in Halloween costume, this curated list of vizsla dog costume ideas has got you covered.

From the classic and funny dog costumes to simple Halloween dog accessories, you’ll love these adorable Halloween costumes for vizslas.

This article is based on research and personal experience as a Vizsla owner. I’m not a qualified dog trainer, Vet or dog behaviourist.

Vizsla Halloween Costume Considerations

While there are classic and popular dog Halloween costume ideas like the pumpkin, hot dog, star wars and superdog, you really have limitless options when planning what Halloween costume to buy for your vizsla.

But when searching for your vizsla dog Halloween costume (or Christmas outfit), there are just a few considerations to keep in mind.

  • Fit – check and double check the size charts for the neck, girth and body against your vizsla’s dimensions as many costumes are too small for vizslas, unless you have a vizsla puppy.
  • Design – many Halloween costumes are more suitable to small dogs than medium to large dogs – especially when you consider the vizsla’s deep chest. I find 1 piece costumes with an attached hat or headpiece generally do not fit vizslas well.
  • Fabric – soft stretchy costumes are going to be more comfortable to wear than a scratchy nylon. Check the fabric and look at design to consider comfort.
  • Ease to walk – some costumes are really designed for a photo shoot, but not so great if walking the streets trick or treating.
  • Size – Halloween dog costumes are notorious for being made on the small size. Give yourself plenty of time to order, ship and try before the big day.

Fun Halloween Costumes For Vizslas

From the classic to the funny, food and TV & movie themes there are so many dog costume ideas for Halloween.

To help you find the perfect outfit for your vizsla, here are 15 of my favorite vizsla dog costume ideas.

Formal Tuxedo Dog Costume

Kuoser Dog Tuxedo Costume

The perfect costume idea for the regal vizsla, this dog tuxedo outfit is a great large dog Halloween costume idea.

The shirt has a d-ring to attach your lead and the bandana has cute bowtie and button detail.

The costume comes in two pieces for easy on and off. Be sure to take your pup’s measurements to choose the right size.


Lion Mane Dog Halloween Costume

Tomsenn Dog Lion Mane

The fluffy lion mane is quickly becoming a classic Halloween dog costume, and is one of the best Halloween costumes for vizslas!

Made in a single piece from woollen fibre it slides over your pup’s head. Simply tighten the elastic fitting and you are done – your vizsla is now a ferocious lion!

Perfectly matched to your vizsla’s color, the vizsla lion costume is a guaranteed Halloween hit.


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Sherlock Holmes Halloween Dog Outfit

lage dog in sherlock holmes Halloween costume

This is one of my favorite vizsla Halloween outfits in this list and would make an excellent gift for a vizsla owner! Meet Sherlock Hound, I mean Sherlock Holmes.

Handmade from a tweed cotton and flannel, the outfit even comes with a magnifying glass and pocket to put it in.

The jacket comes with a cape, velcro neck and girth straps. The hat has sides that fold up and tie on top.

Give yourself plenty of time to order ahead of Halloween as they are handmade to order.


Dog Tutu Dress Set Costume

2 pc pet tutu costume

If your vizsla is a bit of a princess, well this 2 piece dog tutu costume is the just the right dog outfit for Halloween!

The tutu is easy to tie and adjust around your pup’s waist and the cute tiara is adjustable too.

The outfit is adorable and you can choose between pink, white and rose red colored tutus.


Cowboy Rider Dog Costume

Cowboy rider halloween costume for dogs

This cowboy rider costume is super simple and such a funny dog Halloween costume idea.

The saddle fixes easily under the belly and around the chest and the rider is attached.

When your pup walks or runs the cowboy moves from front to back and is pretty funny to watch!


Devil Dog Costume

Devil dog Halloween costume

A classic dog costume idea – the vampire or devil dog costume is always a great option for Halloween.

This one is perfect for vizslas as it is a 2 piece outfit, with a cape and separate devil horns.

The cape has an adjustable tie and the horns can be fitted with the tension slider.


Ariel Princess Dog Halloween Costume

Disney Princess Halloween dog costume

Let’s turn your vizsla into a Disney princess with this fun Ariel Mermaid dog costume.

With the tail, shell top and wig all stand alone pieces, it is much easier to fit your vizsla with this costume and they have sizes running up to XXXL too.

And if your vizsla isn’t an Ariel, then they have Belle, Cinderella and Snow White dog costumes too!


Prisoner Dog Halloween Costume

Prisoner dog costume

For all the naughty vizslas, this jail dog Halloween costume is an easy and fun outfit to pair with their owner dressed in police or guard costume.

With a simple stretchy striped t-shirt and adjustable hat, it is a great vizsla costume option.

Many costumes run small, so check the size chart before ordering.


Peacock Halloween Dog Costume

Pretty as a peacock pet costume

This pretty as a peacock pet costume is perfect for the pretty vizsla!

The costume comes in two pieces, with the feathers attached underneath and a slot for you to attach a lead to a harness. The headpiece has an adjustable strap.


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Hot Dog Halloween Dog Costume

Hot Dog Pet Costume

The hot dog is a classic, always a winner and the perfect choice for a vizsla costume!

The costume has adjustment points around the next, middle and back to ensure the right fit.


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Pupasaurus Rex Halloween Dog Costume

Dinosaur Dog Costumes

Turn your cute loving vizsla into a scary dinosaur with this hilarious Pupasaurus Rex Halloween costume.

The head and body are separate pieces which is good to help fit our vizsla’s deep chests. The head is padded foam and is the tail and cute t-rex arms.

The largest size is L, so check the measurements to be certain it will fit, especially if your vizsla is quite large.


Doggy Parton Cowgirl Dog Costume

Cowgirl Dog Costume

This cute pink cowgirl dog costume is channelling a little bit of Barbie too!

Decorated with fringe and a gold star belt, this cute outfit has an easy velcro strap to take on and off and a cute white collar.

You can even buy a pink cowgirl hat to match (see it here)!


Superman Halloween Dog Costume

Superman Big Dog Costume

Does anything beat a dog in a superhero cape? A classic Halloween dog costume idea, this super dog Halloween costume is one piece and comes in plenty of large sizes for our vizslas.

And if Superman is not your thing, Rubie’s Costumes have Batman, Wonder Woman and many more DC Comic outfits to choose from!


Shark Attack Halloween Dog Outfit

shark halloween costume

We’ve all been there with the vizsla sharkies, so a shark costume is one of the best vizsla costumes!

Made from a soft polyester, this scary dog Halloween costume comes in two pieces – a body piece and the toothy head piece.

Fastened with a simple velcro strip on each piece, it is quick and easy to put on and remove.


Angel Halloween Dog Costume

Angel Dog Costume

This simple angel wings dog costume is a good choice if your pup doesn’t like wearing a lot of fabric.

The cute wings attach to your dog’s everyday harness with simple hook and loop closures. The halo has an adjustable strap too.

Great for Halloween, you can reuse as a Christmas dog outfit too!


Glow In The Dark Halloween Dog Bandana

Pretty as a peacock pet costume

If your pup is not a fan of wearing a costume, don’t worry – these glow in the dark Halloween dog bandanas are the perfect alternative.

Made from a soft cotton the scarf measures 17 x 17 x 25 inches it comes in a pack of two.


Before You Go

I hope you found some great vizsla dog costume ideas in this guide.

Don’t forget to make these Halloween pumpkin dog treats to reward them for wearing their Halloween costume!

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