The Best Toys For Vizsla Puppies And Adult Dogs [2024 Reviews]

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With the vizsla being such an intelligent dog, it’s really important they have some great toys to keep themselves busy.  The best toys for vizsla puppies and adult dogs are ones that not only keep them entertained but also stimulate their brain. 

Without stimulating dog toys, your young vizsla may start to develop destructive behaviours such as chewing furniture, digging up garden beds or destroying some of your most prized possessions.

While the best dog toys for young vizslas and adult vizslas are ones that keep them entertained while you’re not around, it’s also important to have a few vizsla toys that you and your pup can play with together. 

Vizsla dogs require a high level of physical activities and love to interact with people, so the best toys for vizsla dogs include things such as balls, frisbees and ropes.

If you’ve recently brought your little vizsla home and are now on the hunt for vizsla dog toys, then this article is a great place to start.  As the proud parent of a vizsla myself, I have plenty of experience determining what are and aren’t the best vizsla toys. 

In this guide, we look at a huge range of different popular dog toys and I show you where you can buy them.  We cover the best dog toys for chewers, the best mental stimulation toys for dogs, the best toys to keep dogs busy, the best interactive dog toys and more! 

So no matter what your vizsla enjoys doing, you’ll find some good dog toys in this guide.

So let’s get into it and find the top dog toys for your vizsla.

teaser wand - stimulating puppy toys for hunting dogs.

Comparison Of The Best Toys For Vizsla Puppies And Dogs 2024

Below is a handy comparison table where you can see all the best toys for puppies reviewed within this guide. 

The table lists the various features side by side to help you decide which of these best puppy toys has is perfect for your vizsla.

ImageProductTypeMaterialOur ratingPrice
Chuckit Ball LauncherChuckit Ball LauncherFetchRubber / Plastic5.0CHECK
KONG WubbaKong WubbaTug of warNylon4.6CHECK
Interactive Dog ToyOutward Hound Tail Teaser WandInteractiveNylon4.8CHECK
Outward Hound Stimulating PuzzleInteractive Dog Puzzle ToyTreat dispensingBPA free plastic4.4CHECK
Snuffle MatAWOOF Dog Snuffle MatTreat dispensingFelt fabric4.6CHECK
Loobani Interactive Dog ToyLoobani Bungee Hanging ToyTug of warNylon4.8CHECK
Chuckit Kick BallChuckit! Fetch BallFetchRubber, canvas, foam4.6CHECK
Pacific Pups Dog Rope ToysRope Toys SetTug of warNylon5.0CHECK
Outward Hound Plush Dog ToyHedgehog Plush ToySnugglePlush4.4CHECK
Sportdog dummySportDOG Training DummyTrainingBPA free plastic4.2CHECK

My Pick Of The Best Vizsla Toys

If you don’t have time to read this entire guide on the best toys for dogs and just want to hear my recommendation, then I suggest the Chuckit! Ball Launcher.

I just love the Chuckit! Ball Launcher because it helps owners provide lots of activity for their highly energetic Vizsla with minimum effort. We use ours every day. 

Chuckit ball launcher

The launcher allows you to throw balls faster and further, so you’ll be able to tire out your puppy with ease. 

Plus, with the launcher, you can throw balls without having to touch slobbery, dirty balls.



This article is based on research and personal experience as a Vizsla owner. I’m not a qualified dog trainer, breeder, Vet or dog behaviourist.

Choosing The Best Toys For Vizsla Dogs

It can be difficult to choose the best dog toys for puppies as there are many different products on the market, especially if this is your first puppy!

Dogs are considered puppies until they reach full physical and emotional maturity at around 1 – 2 years of age, so we have chosen as range of toys that are great from the younger months all the way up to 2 years of age.

You’ll need to consider what is age appropriate for your vizsla, safe for them as well as what will keep them interested.

To ensure you purchase quality and fun toys for dogs that your vizsla will love, consider the following factors.


Good toys for puppies come in various materials such as rubber, nylon, plastics and fabrics. 

There are pros and cons of all materials, with some being more durable, some easier to clean, some more affordable and various other factors.

When considering the toy’s material, keep in mind that good puppy toys are designed for your puppy to hold in their mouth.  For this reason, the materials mustn’t contain any harmful or toxic substances.

Rubber is a great choice for puppy toys.  Not only is rubber durable and less likely to break, but it is also really easy to clean. 

Rubber toys come in all different shapes and sizes and different textures, which help keep your puppy entertained for longer and help to clean their teeth.

Fabrics can also be a great option, but for most puppies, it’s best to avoid plush toys as they are potentially dangerous to your dog, should they rip them open and swallow the filling or even small parts such as eyes and noses. 

If you give them a plush toy, make sure you supervise them until you’re comfortable knowing they know how to play with it safely.

Your puppy might develop a personal preference for a certain material, so make a mental note of what your pup’s favorite toys are made out of.

Some of the cheapest dog toys are made from plastics, which can be a good option if made with quality plastics.  Make sure they don’t contain any harmful or toxic substances and are durable for your puppy.

Vizsla puppy with soft toy in garden


For good toys for dogs, you’ll want to ensure you buy the perfect sized toys. 

Most toys are designed for your puppy to hold the toy in their mouth, so if the toys are too big, they won’t be able to hold it properly.  Although too small and it could be a choking hazard.

When the toy is a perfect size, your dog will be able to use it as intended and hopefully find hours of enjoyment and stimulation from it. 

Too small or too big and they may pass the toy up for something else – like chewing your furniture or digging up your garden.

If you’re after the best outside dog toys for a brand new puppy, then keep in mind that they may outgrow the toy as they get older. 

So consider whether you need the perfect sized toy right now or whether it is something your dog can grow into. 


Given puppies use their mouths to explore and play with their toys, you must look for not only the best puppy toys to keep them busy but also the best indestructible dog toys. 

However, it is important not to give puppies toys that are too rigid as their teeth could break.  Plus too rigid and it won’t be comfortable for your puppy; in fact, it may even hurt their gums and teeth.

As puppies get older, you’ll most likely need to look for more durable toys. 

If your puppy is an aggressive chewer, they will require toys designed to stand up to a copious amount of chewing day in and day out. 

For particularly aggressive chewers, toys made from rubber make some of the best chew toys for puppies.

vizsla at beach with ball

Easy To Clean

Unfortunately, even the best dog toys for dogs tend to become very dirty and gross quickly! 

If you don’t want to be completely repulsed by your dog’s toys, then the best outdoor dog toys are ones that can easily be cleaned.

Some of the most popular dog toys which are easy to clean tend to be made from rubber or BPA free plastic, which can easily be wiped over or cleaned in hot soapy water. 

If you purchase toys made from fabrics, look for ones that are machine washable.  Some of the best treat dispensing dog toys are even dishwasher safe, making them super easy to clean.

Training Toys

There is a range of toys that can be used to encourage certain behaviors in your dog. 

If you’re looking to improve your dog’s behavior in a certain area, consider the following:

  • Tug toys are great at engaging your dog’s teeth and builds bitework training.
  • Treat dispensers work well at keeping your dog’s mind and body engaged.
  • Fetch toys help reinforce your dog’s retrieving skills.
  • Plush toys can encourage your dog to be calm or relax and stop them biting.
  • Interactive toys reward your dog for doing certain behaviors.

Summary Of The Best Vizsla Dog Toys

Below is a quick recap of the vizsla toys we review in detail below. Read on for the full reviews!

  • Chuckit! classic ball launcher
  • KONG Wubba tug of war and fetch toy
  • Outward Hound Tail Teaser Wand
  • LOOBANI dog outdoor bungee hanging toy
  • Outward Hound interactive treat dog puzzle toy
  • AWOOF food enrichment snuffle mat for dogs
  • Chuckit! kick fetch ball
  • Pacific Pups dog rope toys set
  • Outward Hound Hedhogz squeaky plush dog toys
  • SportDOG plastic dummies hunting dog training tool

Best Toys For Vizsla Puppies Reviews 2024

Below we have compiled a list of some of the most top rated dog toys currently on the market. 

Keep reading the reviews below for more details on these awesome toys to keep puppies busy.

1. Chuckit! Classic Ball Launcher Review

Chuckit Ball Thrower

Key Features

  • Toy Type: Fetch
  • Game Type: Active
  • Best For: The Park



Vizsla’s are well known for their high energy levels and so unless you have the energy to match, one of the best pet toys for your new puppy is the Chuckit Ball Launcher. 

The Chuckit Ball allows you to throw the ball for your puppy further and faster with minimal effort.  This will enable you to really challenge your vizsla and use up all that puppy energy.

The launcher is made from premium plastic, which provides you with more power when playing fetch with your vizsla puppy.  The launcher also doubles as a tool for picking up the ball, so there is no need to bend down or touch yucky dog slobbered balls.

The ball itself is a brightly colored rubber ball and has some great bounce on it, so your dog is really kept on their toes as they have no idea which direction it will go once it hits the ground.  Plus, being brightly colored it’s easy to find when hidden among grass or trees.

The Chuckit comes in a range of different sized balls, so you can choose one that is the perfect size for your puppy.  You may even consider buying the larger size ball as they grow.


Easy to use and clean

Quick way to burn energy

Come in different sizes


May need to be upgrade the size as your pup grows

Need a large yard or park to play

The Chuckit! Ball Launcher is one of the awesome dog toys for vizsla puppies, particularly for dog owners that don’t quite have the same energy levels.

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2. Kong Wubba Review

KONG Wubba Fetch Toy

Key Features

  • Toy Type: Tug Of War
  • Game Type: Active
  • Best For: Home



The Kong Wubba is another one of the best interactive puppy toys, particularly for those that enjoy playing tug games as well as fetching. 

Basically, the toy is two balls – a tennis ball and a squeaker ball – which are both covered in a durable nylon fabric.  It also has a long fabric tail, making it easy for dogs to pick up and for their owners to throw it.

The Wubba is one of those types of dog toys which is really versatile.  Puppies will enjoy chewing it to hear the noises from the squeaker ball, while together, you can play tugging games and fetch. 

Puppies will also enjoy grabbing it in their mouths and shaking it all around as the tails flap about. Our vizsla has this toy and she loves squeaking it and playing tug of war with it – and it has lasted a surprisingly long time.

The Wubba comes in a range of bright colors and some even have cute character faces on the top ball.  There is also the option of small, large and extra large so you can buy the perfect size for your dog.






Not so easy to clean

Not great for aggressive chewers

Kong has such a great reputation for making some of the best unbreakable dog toys, so you can purchase the Kong Wubba knowing that you’ll get plenty of use out of it.

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3. Outward Hound Tail Teaser Wand Review

Outward Hound Tail Teaser Wand

Key Features

  • Toy Type: Interactive
  • Game Type: Active
  • Best For: Backyard



The Tail Teaser Wand is great if you’re looking for some of the best toys for new puppies to play with at home to keep them busy

The wand is somewhat like the Loobani Bungee covered later in this guide, although the Tail Teaser needs you to hold the toy for your dog to play.

This interactive training toy is basically a 36 inch pole, which you hold, and on the end is a 45 inch bungee cord made from durable and flexible nylon cord. 

On the end of the bungee cord is a squeaky plush toy that your puppy will enjoy playing with for hours.  The toy at the end is removable and a second toy comes with the kit, so you can continually change it up to keep your pup interested.

This toy is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, or you can even take it with you while traveling or visiting friends.  There are numerous games you can come up with while playing with the Tail Teaser Wand. 

It’s perfect for gentle tugging, chasing and fetching games.  Plus, having a long pole means owners don’t need to be handling slobbery toys.

We own this toy and our vizsla absolutely loves it. It is a great toy for pointers as they naturally want to point and retrieve the toy on the stick!


Great for small yards

Perfect for indoor and outdoor play

Replacement toys available


You need to hold the wand

Not good for pups who won’t release toys

The Tail Teaser Wand is a great option to consider if you’re after super fun dog toys for little vizsla puppies.

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4. Loobani Dog Bungee Hanging Toy Review

Loobani Interactive Tether Tug Toy

Key Features

  • Toy Type: Tug Of War
  • Game Type: Active
  • Best For: Backyard


The Loobani Bungee is one of the best dog toys to keep them busy outdoors, particularly during times your vizsla is home alone for short periods. 

The toy has a long elastic bungee that is tied to a tree.  On the end of the bungee is a thick, durable rope tied in various knots.  This provides your puppy with a range of games to play, such as tug of war, fetch or simply chewing.

The indestructible dual spring bungee cord means the toy slingshots in various directions as your dog tugs on it. 

This keeps your puppy on its toes, as they have no idea exactly which direction it’s going to go – it’s completely unpredictable!  This is the perfect way to keep your puppy busy when you’re at work or busy doing other tasks around the home.

The Loobani is easy to hang – simply hang it on a strong tree branch or a wooden beam on your deck.  You can then adjust the height of the bungee, so it’s the perfect height for your puppy.  This makes it great as your puppy grows, as you can change the height as required.

Another great thing about this toy is the rope on the end can be replaced if your puppy isn’t really interested in it.  You can attach their favorite toy to the bungee instead.


Height adjustable

Provides hours of independent fun for your pup

Toy can be swapped out for other toys


One of the more expensive toys in this guide

Requires a sturdy beam or strong tree branch to set up

If you’re after busy toys for dogs while playing in the safety of the backyard, the Loobani is well worth checking out. 

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5. Nina Ottosson Interactive Puzzle Review

Outward Hound Interactive Puzzle

Key Features

  • Toy Type: Treat dispensing
  • Game Type: Scentwork
  • Best For: Home



If you’re looking for some of the best mental stimulation toys for dogs, you need to check out the Nina Ottosson puzzle toy.  It’s basically a puzzle game for intelligent dogs which rewards them with tasty treats.

This Nina Ottosson game comes with three different types of treat hiding compartments. 

Your puppy will need to flip, lift and slide lids to reveal the various hiding spots and when they do, they are rewarded with one of their favorite treats. 

In total, there are 20 hidden treat compartments, all with little scent holes, to keep your dog interested until all the treats are located.

Brain stimulating toys for dogs such as the Nina Ottosson are great at encouraging them away from destructive behaviors.  Also, for those dogs that may suffer from a little bit of separation anxiety when home alone, these are great toys to keep your dog busy.

We purchased this game when we had our dog desexed as a way to keep her mentally stimulated while in her crate. We would give her meals in it as well as treats.

Don’t be tempted to buy simple beginner puzzles for a vizsla as it won’t take them long to work it out.

This game is considered an intermediate level and so with its various puzzles and obstacles that your dog must solve, your dog will be entertained and mentally stimulated for hours. 

The Nina Ottosson is made from BFA free, food safe materials, so it is safe for your dog to use.  It’s also super easy to clean; just pop it in some hot soapy waters between uses.


Great for stimulating your puppies’ mind

Easy to clean

Can keep the busy for long periods


May require some assistance from you to start

Older dogs may solve very quickly

It is one of the best dog toys for boredom, perfect for those owners after the best dog puzzle toys for their intelligent little vizsla.

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6. AWOOF Pet Snuffle Mat Review

AWOOF Snuffle Mat

Key Features

  • Toy Type: Treat Dispensing
  • Game Type: Scentwork
  • Best For: Home


If you think the previous puzzle game may be too challenging for your puppy vizsla, another one of the best puppy puzzle toys to consider is the AWOOF Pet Snuffle Mat. 

Just like the previous dog puzzle game, the AWOOF mat allows you to hide treats or dry food within it that your puppy must sniff out to find.

The AWOOF mat is a large round fabric mat containing numerous green fabric felt pieces resembling long grass. 

On the outside of the mat is a cord, so you can pull the mat up somewhat like a bowl and make it harder for them to find the treats or leave it out flat, making it a little easier. 

There are no compartment doors for your puppy to work out how to open; they simply need to sniff out the treats among the fabric felt grass.

It is great way to introduce beginner sniff training to your vizsla puppy and we often use ours for keeping her busy when guests arrive.

On the underside of the mat is a nonslip cloth to prevent the mat from sliding all over the place while your puppy locates the treats. 

But one of the best parts about this toy is it is completely machine washable, so easy to keep clean between uses.


Machine washable

Good for basic sniff training

Helps keep your pup mentally stimulated


Might be too easy for smarter puppies

Increases their food consumption

For young puppies not quite at the age of solving complicated puzzles, the AWOOF Pet Snuffle Mat is one of the top puppy toys.  It’s a great way to keep them occupied and avoid getting bored too quickly.

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7. Chuckit! Kick Fetch Ball Review

Chuckit Kick Fetch Ball

Key Features

  • Toy Type: Fetch
  • Game Type: Active
  • Best For: Park Or Yard



If you loved the Chuckit! Ball Launcher here is another great Chuckit! product – this time the Chuckit! Kick Fetch Ball. 

This is basically an oversized fetch ball, packed with some great features to make it super fun for you and your pooch.  It’s a great choice for those after the best toys for active dogs.

The Chuckit! Kick Fetch Ball is made from rubber, foam and canvas, which means it floats!  So whether you’re playing fetch on land or in the water, this is the perfect ball. 

Plus, to keep dogs on their toes, the rubber component of the ball means it bounces all over the place – so your dog will never be able to work out just where it will land – it is completely unpredictable.

This isn’t your average sized fetch ball; it is much larger but not quite as large as a soccer ball.  So to ensure your puppy can easily pick up and hold the ball, it has this super unique groove design in the ball. 

The size is great for pet owners too because it means you don’t have to hold dirty slobbered on balls; you can kick it for your pet instead.

Another great feature of this ball includes the bright color making it super easy for both dogs and their owners to find, no matter where it lands. 

There is even a glow in the dark version so you can even play after the sun goes down – perfect for those getting home late from work.


Unique groove design for an easy grip

Variable bounce

Floats in water


More expensive than regular balls

Not ideal for aggressive chewers

The Chuckit! Kick Fetch Ball comes in two different sizes, so you can choose the perfect size for your vizsla.  Definitely one of the great dog toys for active dogs.

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8. Rope Toys Review

Pacific Pups Dog Rope Toys

Key Features

  • Toy Type: Tug Of War
  • Game Type: Active
  • Best For: Home Or Yard


If you’re looking for the best chew toys for dogs or the best teething toys for puppies, look no further than this ultimate rope toy set from Pacific Pups Products. 

This rope set comes with a whopping 11 different rope style toys, so it’s without a doubt one of the best dog toys for aggressive chewers.

This set contains various rope toys, all of different sizes. This is perfect to buy for your vizsla puppy as you can start with the small ropes then gradually introduce the larger ones as they grow.

There are larges ones between 18-23 inches as well as small ones around 10 inches.  They feature various sized knots and balls, perfect for a range of games such as tugging, chewing, shaking and fetching.  Your dog will never get bored with these toys. 

There are also a couple of smaller toys designed for chewing.  These small toys are great at cleaning teeth and promoting good gum health too.

All of these toys are plastic free and made from some of the toughest materials.  In fact, these toys are made in accordance with the Children’s Toy Safety Standards, so you know your buying toys that are safe for your pup.

Another bonus when purchasing this rope set is all profits go to Pacific Pups Rescue, a non-profit organization that rescues dogs from kill shelters.  So not only are you buying a great set of toys for your vizsla, but you’re also helping save another dog’s life.




Good for chewers


Some sizes may not be suitable for puppies

So if you’re looking for dog toys for super chewers, look no further. This set of ropes from Pacific Pups Products has well and truly got you covered.

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9. Hedgehog Plush Toy Review

Outward Hound Squeaky Dog Toy

Key Features

  • Toy Type: Snuggle
  • Game Type: Calm
  • Best For: Home


For super cute and almost indestructible plush dog toys, then have a look at this adorable hedgehog toy. 

These Hedgehogs are a great round shape, making them ideal for dogs to carry with them. 

The shape is perfect for cuddling, snuggling, tossing and playing fetch with.  Plus, they’ll love the silly grunting sound the Hedgehog makes when squeezed.

These super cute dog toys are made with minimal seams, making them less prone to tears and longer lasting. 

Plus, these gorgeous, tough plush dog toys come in various sizes, so whether you’re after something for your vizsla puppy or older dog, there is bound to be the perfect size.



Various sizes available



Not good for super chewers

Need regular washing

>> Click here to check the price and read more reviews

10. SportDOG Training Dummy Review

Sportdog dummy

Key Features

  • Toy Type: Fetch
  • Game Type: Active
  • Best For: Field Training



Training dummies such as this one by SportDOG are ideal if you’re looking for tools to help with training your vizsla for hunting, swimming or other sports.   

This SportDOG dummy is made from durable yet soft vinyl, which can float.  It also comes with a valve so that you can adjust the weight of firmness of it with air or water.

The SportDOG training dummies come in a range of sizes and colors. 

The white is great for being most visible against dark backgrounds, the black/white ones are great for all kinds of backgrounds and the orange ones are best for teaching the dog to use its nose rather than sight.


Great training tool for pointer dogs

Come in range of sizes and colours for all levels

Durable and adjustable


Not designed as a toy

No rope attached

Not for chewing

These are not designed as toys for your puppy, nor are they meant to be toys your dog chews on, so for those after safe chew toys for dogs, look for something else. 

However, for those wanting a loyal hunting companion, the SportDOG can be an invaluable tool.

>> Click here to check the price and read more reviews

Best Toys For Vizsla Puppy FAQs

How Do You Keep A Vizsla Entertained?

In addition to daily walking and plenty of attention, offering a range of different types of toys on rotation is one of the best ways to keep a vizsla entertained.

Puzzles for scent work, a ball or teaser wand for energetic play and squeaky plush toys for snuggling are all great toy options.

Plus by rotating the toys your pup won’t get bored with them as quickly.

What Toys Do Vizslas Like The Best?

Fetch toys, tug of war toys, balls and rope toys are all popular vizsla dog toys.

But it is important to note that every dog is unique and even within the vizsla breed, they will love different types of toys.

Therefore it is a good idea to offer a range of dog toys to your vizsla puppy to work out what kind of toys they love the most.

Before You Go

We hope you found some great dog toys to consider in our list of top rated puppy toys. They are a great way to keep a vizsla busy and a great way to celebrate Christmas with your dogs.

If you are looking for other dog accessories and gear you can find all our vizsla gear reviews here.

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